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Zebec Protocol, a continuous settlement protocol that aims to transform the way payroll, cash flow, and token vesting work, is teaming up with Solana’s own memecoin, Samoyedcoin. According to the announcement that Zebec Protocol published on Twitter earlier today, the goal of the partnership is to allow Samoyedcoin to use Zebec’s technology.

Zebec’s unique capabilities make it perfect for token distribution and enabling rewards for contributing to the DAO, which is what Samoyedcoin is trying to enable.

Samoyedcoin is one of many so-called memecoins that emerged relatively recently, inspired by Dogecoin’s success. DOGE is the original memecoin, which launched back in 2013, inspired by the Doge meme, featuring a Shiba Inu. While DOGE was never meant to survive for as long as it did, the humor surrounding the coin made it the crypto industry’s favorite, but then it also became the favorite cryptocurrency of Elon Musk, which brought even more attention to it.

DOGE exploded in 2021, which launched an entire group of other dog-inspired memecoins, with Samoyedcoin being one of them. This one launched in Solana’s ecosystem, and it now sees itself as Solana’s mascot and a cryptocurrency that can help push the limits of Web3.

It is also a lot more energy-efficient than other memecoins. It noted that 1 DOGE transaction consumes 160 times more energy than a SAMO transaction. Meanwhile, 1 transaction featuring another memecoin, Shiba Inu (SHIB), requires 256,000 times more energy than 1 SAMO transaction. The project concluded that “dog money” should be fast, cheap, and eco-friendly, and so far, Samoyedcoin is the best when it comes to meeting these requirements.

How can Zebec Protocol help?

With Samoyedcoin planning to introduce DAO rewards, Zebec Protocol is the perfect project to do it. It acts as a Multisig Treasury management and streaming payment service on Solana’s network, and it enables the composable transfer of value, starting with Zebec Payroll. It also has Zebec Safe, which is a fully customizable multi-sig.

Zebec’s treasury management supports all SPL tokens, it is highly customizable, and all payments are instant and continuous, with the ability to stream funds on a per-second basis. Users can pause, resume, or fully cancel payments whenever they want.

Furthermore, enabling streaming is extremely easy, and all it takes is 2 steps — connecting the wallet and starting streaming by entering the recipient wallet address. That is all there is to it. Of course, Zebec is more than just streaming, even though this is its most sought-after service. It can also offer yield farming, automated dollar-cost averaging, free fiat on-ramp and off-ramp, Crypto IRA and 401k accounts, and, potentially, even more features that will arrive down the road.

The project’s variety of services, plus their high quality, is what made it a leading project for this kind of thing in the Solana ecosystem. It might even be the best project of this type in the entire crypto industry. However, for now, it only works for Solana-based tokens, which is why Samoyedcoin is in the perfect position to start employing its services.

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