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Investing in new cryptocurrency projects can be a great strategy to help beat the market. However, it’s far easier said than done.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be reviewing six of the best new cryptos on the market and discussing how to buy our top pick. Let’s begin.

6 Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy – Our Picks

For investors just needing a few ideas, we’ve included a brief overview of each project. Detailed reviews can be found in the section that follows.

  1. Tamadoge Overall Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy
  2. Battle Infinity Exciting P2E Gaming Ecosystem
  3. Lucky Block Revolutionizing Prize Draws with NFTs
  4. ApeCoin – New Projected Linked to Yuga Labs
  5. Clover Finance – Polygon-Based Interoperability Project
  6. FTX Token – Crypto from a Rapidly Growing Exchange

A Closer Look at the 6 Best Cryptocurrencies

In order to cover most crypto sub-sectors, we’ve included a wide range of strong projects with varying use cases.

Tamadoge – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a popular new meme coin that differentiates itself through the implementation of utility. The project centers around a play-to-earn game which takes mechanics from the Metaverse and NFTs in order to provide players with a unique, engaging, and rewarding experience.

Tamadoge centers around a metaverse world called the Tamaverse, in which players can train an NFT-based pet. Each pet is 3D-animated and can be upgraded by providing it with food, cosmetics, and toys. As a player levels up their pet, they will be rewarded with Dogepoints which improves their leaderboard ranking.

Players that rank highly on the Tamadoge leaderboard will receive a larger portion of the rewards pool. This incentivizes players to purchase items from the Tamadoge store creating a strong in-game economy. Furthermore, in-game purchases are subject to a 5% burn rate meaning over time TAMA becomes far more scarce.

With Tamadoge raising almost $4 million in just a few weeks, it could already be the best new cryptocurrency on the market. However, with a confirmed listing on the centralized exchange lBank, Tamadoge is likely to cement its position as one of the 10 best crypto presales of 2022.

Join the Tamadoge Telegram group to learn about the latest developments and exchange listings before anyone else (admins will never message first).

Battle Infinity – Exciting P2E Gaming Ecosystem

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new cryptocurrency making waves in the P2E sector. The project takes elements from DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse in order to provide investors with an all-in-one P2E DeFi platform.

Battle Infinity is split into the following platforms. IBAT Premier League (a fantasy sports league), IBAT Battle Swap (a DeFi exchange), IBAT Battle Market (an NFT marketplace), IBAT Battle Games ( a P2E games collection), IBAT Battle Arena (a Metaverse world), and IBAT Battle Stake (a staking platform).

Battle Infinity is one of the year’s most successful presale crypto projects. It raised 16,500 BNB weeks before the deadline. While the presale has now concluded, the IBAT token is getting listed on PancakeSwap on August 17th so investors will soon be able to stock up once again.

When it comes to new cryptocurrency projects, Battle Infinity is one of the best. It’s already been a huge hit with investors so it’s likely that once features begin to roll out, the IBAT ecosystem will take off in a big way. Learn about the latest Battle Infinity listings and updates by joining the IBAT Telegram group.

Lucky Block – Revolutionizing Prize Draws with NFTs

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is a platform that hosts a massive variety of NFT-based competitions for investors of all budgets. By using blockchain technology, Lucky Block was able to create a fair and efficient system with the savings going straight back to the players. Prizes range from $1 million in Bitcoin to luxury vehicles, and property.

Each competition is entered by purchasing a uniquely numbered NFT from leading marketplace NFT Launchpad. While entry ticket NFTs are linked to specific tournaments, the holder can also claim a portion of the rewards pool every day, ensuring everyone’s a winner.

Toward the end of July, Lucky Block underwent an upgrade to the ERC-20 standard. This has enabled the token to get listed on centralized exchanges (CEXs) massively boosting demand. The LBLOCK token has been listed on LBank as well as MEXC (which caused an almost 400% increase in the days prior). Furthermore, the project has just been listed on Uniswap increasing demand even further.

Lucky Block is just getting started with its exchange listings. LBLOCK is already one of the best new cryptos and with more listings planned for the near future, it’s worth joining the Lucky Block Discord to keep updated with the project’s developments.

ApeCoin – New Projected Linked to Yuga Labs

Next on our list of the best new crypto projects is ApeCoin (APE), the latest project created in association with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) developer Yuga Labs.

The project goes hand in hand with BAYC and its associated collections, with holders of various Yuga Labs NFTs receiving thousands of APE for free. The tokens can be used to access exclusive parts of the BAYC community. Furthermore, APE acts as a governance token for the ApeCoin DAO, giving the project a clear focus on community.

As everything Yuga Labs tends to perform extremely well, ApeCoin is often regarded as being one of the best cryptos to buy while the market is down. It’s got massive potential and could well prove itself to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Clover Finance – Polygon-Based Interoperability Project

Clover Finance (CLV) is an offshoot of the Polkadot blockchain and boasts a similar goal; facilitating interoperability.

As it stands today, dApps and web3 applications created on one network tend to be difficult to implement into another. However, Clover aims to change this by offering developers the tools required to easily create cross-chain compatible applications.

Out of all the new crypto projects on the market, Clover Finance shows massive promise for the future. As web3 grows, applications need to accommodate crypto novices and that’s where Clover could really shine and become one of the best new cryptocurrency projects.

FTX Token – Crypto from a Rapidly Growing Exchange

As the name implies, the FTX Token (FTT) is the proprietary token from the rapidly growing crypto exchange FTX.

While FTT is unable to compete with BNB and the Binance Smart Chain in terms of utility, it does boast some features likely to appeal to users of the FTX exchange. By holding FTT, users receive a discount on trading fees, frequent rewards, and access to new initial coin/exchange offerings.

The FTX exchange is quickly becoming a favorite with investors and for that reason, new cryptocurrency FTT is one of the best new cryptos to buy 2022.  




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