Aion Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary With Separate Events For EU And NA Servers |

Aion is celebrating its 13th year of operations in North America with a month-long event similar to the one that kicked off on the European servers last week, with a few additions.

As part of the festivities, the Dreamworld Carnival will be open to all players from now until October 12th. While inside the carnival, players will gain 750,000 XP per minute and will also be able to claim a buff from the Daeva Fairy hanging around the event zone. That’s where the similarity ends. In addition to the bonus XP and buff, players on the NA servers also have the chance to earn additional rewards by collecting Anniversary Coins.

Anniversary Coins can be obtained from a new 28-day login campaign, by staying online for at least 30 minutes, and from auto-hunt monster drops. They can then be exchanged for a random reward at the event vending machine located in the carnival. NA players will also receive an Anniversary Gift Coupon on their first login during the anniversary event which can be used to redeem a bundle of boosting items.

Why NA players have it better is beyond me, but in any case, there’s still reason to celebrate as the long-running fantasy MMORPG officially becomes a teenager.

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