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The San Fransico-based firm was founded five years ago and provides blockchain development tools to numerous initiatives. The firm has powered many popular DeFi projects such as Maker and bancor and has been used to support the development of Dapper Labs, Kyber Network, and 0x.

The platform claims to make “Ethereum development easy.” Previously, the platform was only available to teams close to the project’s developers. By launching it publicly, the firm provides every developer with the tools and the platform they need to build blockchain solutions.

At this time, we can only make educated guesses about how the ACH price will behave in the future using Alchemy Pay pricing projections. This is not investment advice, but we hope that our Alchemy Pay price predictions below will help you determine if ACH will be a good addition to your portfolio or not.

Today’s Alchemy Pay price is $0.014512 with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,289,630. Alchemy Pay has been up 1.53% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #311, with a live market cap of $71,744,971 USD. It has a circulating supply of 4,943,691,067 ACH coins and a max. supply of 10,000,000,000 ACH coins.

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What is Alchemy Pay?

Alchemy Pay is a hybrid cryptocurrency payments platform that aims to be the link between the crypto and fiat worlds. It provides C2B and B2B crypto and fiat payment channels, both online and offline. In summary, Alchemy Pay allows investors to use their cryptocurrencies to make purchases both offline and online.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction

Alchemy Pay already has an outstanding number of partners: they already operate in over 70 countries and collaborate with platforms such as Binance, Shopify, Gemini, and many more. It should be emphasized, however, that the market for crypto payment gateways is very saturated and competitive.

Alchemy Pay has several capabilities that few other comparable systems have, but the issue is whether it matters. In the crypto sector, marketing and public relations are frequently more important than platform functionality, and many creative initiatives fail due to a lack of luck.

Alchemy Pay Founders

Blockchain development platform Alchemy’s CEO Nikil Viswanathan stated that the team’s “mission” is to make blockchain accessible to all developers and to bring “the magic of blockchain to the world.”

CTO Joe Lau stated that the project aims to equip developers with the right tools needed to develop solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. He stated that most developers want to build “skyscrapers,” but all they have are “shovels and hammers.” He continued the metaphor by saying that Alchemy provides them the “cranes, trucks, and other tools” needed to achieve their goals.

Alchemy claims to be backed by Stanford University, and cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase among others.

The firm conducted a Series A round last year, raising $15 million from a host of investors, including Charles Schwab and rapper Jay Z.

How Alchemy Pay Works

Alchemy Pay enables the frictionless transfer of funds between fiat and crypto by integrating a significant number of top blockchain businesses, over-the-counter and crypto exchanges, and remittance firms throughout the world. Alchemy Pay’s services are available to commercial enterprises and developers through connecting payment channels, APIs, and other SaaS solutions.

Alchemy Pay Crypto-Fiat Ecosystem

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is ACH a Good Investment? 1


The Alchemy Pay ACH token is a supply-capped, smart contractible ERC-20 utility token that lies at the core of the world’s first hybrid crypto-fiat payment infrastructure, which Alchemy Pay created to bridge the crypto and fiat worlds. On September 4, 2019, the ACH token was pre-mined at its ceiling of 10,000,000,000 tokens, supporting a full crypto-fiat transaction infrastructure, permitting easy exchange between major currencies and key exchange-traded crypto assets for corporations, institutions, and people.

On September 7, 2020, it was listed on the Huobi exchange, and on August 3, 2021, it was listed on Coinbase.

Businesses: Crypto-fiat B2C and B2B payment

Through crypto-fiat payment gateways, they enable companies to deal with retail consumers as well as other businesses. This includes cryptocurrency exchanges, e-commerce platforms, physical retail businesses, and other entities.

Brokering the exchange between fiat and crypto

They enable financial institutions such as banks and fund management firms to provide crypto investment services to their clients.

Individuals: Crypto-fiat purchasing and investing

Individuals may borrow, make purchases with both ordinary and crypto holdings, receive income through staking, and directly buy and sell crypto assets. Crypto-linked cards, apps, and software, whether produced in-house or by third parties, are included.

ACH tokens can be pledged, staked, awarded, accumulated, and paid as fees by players in the aforementioned sectors to drive and incentivize all of the Alchemy Pay ecosystem’s operations, as well as bestow voting rights in token governance or community situations.

Issues to be solved by Alchemy Pay

Complexity of Fiat

There are various problems that are considered business-as-usual when attempting to integrate with currency payment systems.

  • There are several intermediary links to negotiate in the process, each with its own set of prices and fees.
  • Cross-border transactions are especially complex.
  • Trusting each intermediary is critical to complete any transaction, and the essence of almost any function or functionary in the industry is to facilitate the evaluation, establishment, and maintenance of trust.
  • The complexity of these trust functions means commensurate complexity in security and privacy procedures.
  • Due to the aforementioned issues, costs in countries like Southeast Asia can range from 30% to 50% of a transaction, and different multi-channel solutions are used to avoid such fees. Overseas workers are particularly heavily struck in their efforts to send money home.

At the company level, however, a global retailer in Asia-Pacific with retail outlets in Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur will use distinct payment processing firms in each country.

Each processor’s service requirements, clearing time, fees, and surcharges are all unique, necessitating specific departments to reconcile by nation.


To address issues such as the ones outlined above, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were created. The underlying ideas of decentralized blockchain ledgers at the heart of bitcoin technology have resulted in tremendous efficiencies and simplifications, and more are developing as the sector evolves. Despite ongoing successes and acknowledgment for various cryptocurrencies’ epoch-making developments and uses, the current role of cryptocurrency for payment remains tiny and increasing at a snail’s pace.

It may be claimed that this is due to the $80 trillion fiat payment ecosystem’s enormous inertia. It is possible to claim that entrenched commercial firms that profit from the current system are blocking change. More fundamental, though, is the function of sovereign money in global affairs. The prevalent belief that the purpose of cryptocurrencies is to remove fiat currency entirely is a substantial hindrance to the advancement of cryptocurrency for payment.

While many developers are attempting this objective, Alchemy Pay has decided to construct an interface, bridging rather than leaving the fiat world behind, by utilizing our considerable experience in fiat currency payment processing and our early introduction to blockchain technology. Our bridging agenda categorizes the problem into three main categories:

  • Payment capabilities for business applications

Fundamental features for large-scale commercial applications, including:

  1. Push and Pull Pay

PushPay is an automatic ACH transfer from a payer to a payee that the payer initiates by scanning a merchant’s QR code. PullPay entails the payee’s authority to commence and finish some or all steps in the process from payer to payee. PullPay is frequently used in metered services such as taxi rides and utility purchases.

  1. Multi-level accounts

This account requires the coordination of numerous authorities within an organizational structure as well as multiple stream classifications such as receive-only and disburse-only. For both receiving and disbursing, these accounts can be structured into hierarchies of super and sub-accounts.

  • Commercial application support functions

Such systems can only be automated to a limited extent. Accounts are frequently established and closed, and businesses evolve and adapt to markets and develop business strategies, necessitating ongoing modifications. As a result, effective and competent operational support for the activities is equally as critical as the technical services themselves.

  • Problems with cryptocurrency performance

Among the persistent challenges in the cryptocurrency world are liquidity, cross-chain payment, volatility, and even transparency. Furthermore, the compromises of cryptocurrency’s non-custodial procedures are poorly understood and mistakenly perceived as advantageous rather than as opportunities that rely on well-designed and handled implementation.

Alchemy Pay Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is not commonly used in the context of crypto assets. Most of the time, cryptocurrency values are determined by the crypto market’s severe volatility and broad trends. However, an asset’s underlying worth can impact its average price; while this is not something that day traders are interested in, it can be valuable for long-term investors.

To understand the core value of the ACH currency, first, understand what Alchemy Pay is all about. After all, a utility token is only as useful as the project it supports.

Alchemy Pay Technical Analysis

Alchemy has traded sideways for the last two months and surged 48%, moving into overbought territory on 20th July following its listing on Binance. The MACD histograms suggest decreasing ACH price momentum downwards. 

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is ACH a Good Investment? 2

Alchemy Pay Price Predictions by Authority Sites


Wallet Investor uses machine learning to award ACH historical data index ‘C’ grade. It comments that Alchemy Pay cryptocurrency is a ‘bad’ long-term investment that will fall by 94.50%  from its current price to reach $0.000813 in one year. Short-term ACH tokens will gain value in the coming two weeks, rising from $0.0146 to $0.0149 towards the end of the period. The price analysis of the last 30 days shows that ACH is highly bearish. ACH will perform poorer in 2024 with an ROI of -98.31%, which will rise slightly to -97.59% in 2025. ROI 2026 will be -98.58%, and 2027 will be -98.58%.


Trading Beasts utilize polynomial and linear regression on historical data to provide an ACH price forecast. ACH will rise from its current price to $0.0220333 in September. From September, it will have little price action towards the end of the year. The average trading price ranges from $0.0204752 to $0.0220333 in the second half of 2022. In 2023 prices will drop from $0.0195755 in January to $0.0194626 in April before rising to $0.0284602 towards the end of the year.  Alchemy Pay’s forecast on Trading Beasts for 2024 is bullish, with the price crossing $0.03 in February and closing at $0.0366171 in December. In 2025, you will sell Alchemy Pay at $0.0371666 in January and $0.0422602 in December.

Digitalcoin Price 

Alchemy Pay cryptocurrency has had a rough time this year due to high crypto market volatility. While the crypto market is expected to recover, Digital Coin Price suggests little price action in the second half of 2022 with no particular trend. Prices will range from a minimum price of $0.0191 to a maximum price of $0.0209. ACH will be bullish for the entire period between 2022 and 2031. The positive trend will see it reach an average price of $0.0301 in 2025 and $0.0593 in 2029. ACH will trade at an average price of $0.0682 in 2030.


Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is ACH a Good Investment? 3
Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2022-2031: Is ACH a Good Investment? 4

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2022

Alchemy Pay price prediction for 2022 is $0.019. Alchemy has dropped 70% in this year’s bear run. 

On 20th July, ACH pumped over 48% following listings on Binance,, and KUcoin. Predictions suggest it will trade sideways for the rest of the year and turn bullish in 2023. 

Alchemy Pay will sell between a minimum price of $0.018 and a maximum of $0.021.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2023

Alchemy Pay price prediction for 2023 is $0.028. Alchemy runs on the Ethereum smart contract, which will upgrade to the Merge in 2023. 

The upgrade will make Alchemy more scalable and cheaper to deploy contracts with bridges to the Binance Smart chain. Alchemy Pay will be on a bullish trend, with its average price ranging from a minimum price value of $0.027 to a maximum price of $0.031.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2024

Alchemy Pay price prediction for 2024 is $0.04. Alchemy pay is available in over 70 countries, with over 2 million merchants across the globe. The network will continue scaling, increasing the value of the Alchemy ecosystem. Its average price will range between a minimum value of $0.039 and a maximum value of $0.046.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2025

Alchemy Pay price prediction for 2025 is $0.06. The growing Alchemy network bridges blockchain networks, web3 services, global remittance, cryptos, e-commerce, merchant enterprises, and exchanges. This growing ecosystem provides more opportunities for the Alchemy community. Alchemy Pay will trade between a maximum price of $0.068 and a minimum of $0.058.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2026

Alchemy Pay ACH price prediction for 2026 is $0.086. Alchemy as Decentralized finance (Defi) solution is connected to fiat payments. The platform supports 100+ fiat currencies with 310+ payment channels while supporting all cryptocurrencies.

The coin’s value in the cryptocurrency market will reach its lowest price at $0.084 and highest at $0.1.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2027

Alchemy Pay coin price prediction for 2027 is $0.13. Alchemy has mainstream partners who are enabling it to scale all over the world. This growing list includes Nium, Shopify, Checkout, QFpay, PAaytend, Epay, Polygon, Near, Binance, Tron, Huobi, and Algorand. The Alchemy Pay price will range from $0.12 to $0.14.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2028

The ACH price prediction for 2028 is $0.18. Alchemy will set a new price record high during this year. According to Coinmarketcap, Alchemy set its ATH on 6 August 2021 at $0.1975. 

The Alchemy Pay value in the crypto market will range between a maximum value of $0.21 and $0.17.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2029

The ACH price prediction for 2029 is $0.27. Alchemy will use blockchain bridges and fiat currencies so that future regulations will play a part in its continuous growth. The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult for governments to allow digital currency payments in their jurisdictions. The Alchemy Pay market capitalization will rise, and the price will range between $0.26 and $0.3.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2030

The ACH price prediction for 2030 is $0.42. Alchemy will cross the $0.4 mark setting a record high. Technological innovations and partner funds will help Alchemy evolve into the next era of technology and blockchain systems. 

The Alchemy Pay technical analysis indicates it will sell for between $0.41 and $0.47.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction 2031

Alchemy Pay’s price prediction for 2031 is $0.63. All the innovations will correlate to its continuous performance. 

However, Alchemy will still be volatile and affected by market crashes and negative publicity. The prediction is not investment advice. The coin will likely sell between $0.61 and $0.7.

ACH Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Tony provides ACH price prediction on their Youtube channel AI Crypto News. Their analysis suggests ACH will average $0.091 and average from $0.081 to $0.021 for the rest of the year.

Alchemy Pay Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Average Joe Crypto provides Alchemy price prediction highlighting the recent 60% surge.


The bear crypto market has adversely affected Alchemy’s performance this year. While its value has been dropping, the platform’s fundamentals are growing. The platform boasts a growing community with over 2 million merchants using it globally. 

Alchemy Pay is a payment service provider that tries to bridge the fiat-crypto divide. Alchemy Pay enables retailers to accept payments in both fiat and cryptocurrency and provides rapid and affordable crypto conversion. Alchemy Pay network offers a wide range of features and products, making it a versatile system suitable for businesses of all sizes. Alchemy pay is trading substantially lower than its all-time high; its strong alliances should give ACH a solid foundation for future price growth in the crypto market.

ACH has seen so much interest since Binance started supporting it for margin trading – unusual for a project of Alchemy Pay’s size.

Alchemy Pay addresses some of the industry’s most prominent barriers to entry with its crypto on/off ramp payment plugins and crypto acceptance for merchants and businesses. The solution has translated to its high rate of adoption.

ACH will continue recovering towards the end of the year and surge in 2023.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

Alchemy will be profitable in the next bull run and set a new record high in 2024.

However, these predictions and verdicts should not be taken as a piece of perfect investment advice. It is important you do your own research before you invest in ACH or any cryptocurrency which has an extremely volatile market.

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