To invest in on September 16: Tamadoge, EnsoFinance, WeSendIt, and EstateX |

Crypto presales and initial coin offerings continue to be among the finest opportunities to generate substantial gains, despite the current bad market in cryptocurrencies and a September slump after a solid August.

Here, we examine a number of cryptocurrency presales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) that might be highly profitable.

Pre-sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) typically provide less expensive entry points for tokens and projects, giving investors the opportunity to benefit before the rest of the market does.

Tamadoge-Play-to-Earn Game With Meme Coin Potential

Tamaverse, an ecosystem and coin that combines NFT owner with a play to earn game and future growth in meme coin, will be powered by its native token TAMA, which is TAMA.

With more than $17 million raised and fewer than 10% of the presale token allotment retained, Tamadoge has had one of the most successful presales of the year.

TAMA owners will be qualified to have an NFT pet at the end of the year. Pet owners are responsible for providing their animals with food and other necessities for growth. At the pet store, pet owners can buy food, snacks, and toys for their animals so that they can eventually grow and engage in combat with other animals.

The goal of the game is for players to top a global scoreboard. The victors will get gifts and prizes.

A new augmented reality software from Tamadoge will enable users to scavenge for rewards or tokens while exploring the actual world. With a 2 billion coin maximum supply, the TAMA token has robust tokenomics. 5% of all pet store transactions will be lost due to a deflationary process.

EnsoFinance: Social App for DeFi Strategies EnsoFinance is a social protocol that enables users to discover strategies from leading international investors as well as build and share investment plans within the native application.

Users can create a financial community while also selecting from a selection of yield farms, alpha pools, or lending protocols, as well as watching the actions and strategies. The protocol calls itself a “aggregator among aggregators,” allowing users to collaborate and utilise one another’s ideas and techniques while still competing for rewards.

A noncustodial social trading system based on Ethereum is used by EnsoFinance. Early investors like Polychain Capital and DFinity have already put millions of dollars into the cryptocurrency project, even though the exact date of the ICO has not been established. WeSendIt – File Transfer Platform Established Migrating to Web3

Users can transfer large files (pictures and data) fast and cost-free to an email address using WeSendIt, a well-known company that has been around for more than ten years. The business currently wants to increase its Web3 capabilities and has more than 3.5 million users in 150 different nations. Decentralized and anonymous file sharing will be possible as a result.

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  • To invest in on September 16: Tamadoge, EnsoFinance, WeSendIt, and EstateX
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