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If you regularly deal with cryptocurrencies, you have probably already heard about launchpads. But if not, it’s time to find everything out right now!

Over time, several methods have emerged to initially raise funds for new blockchain projects. Starting with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2017, we have moved on to Security Token Offerings (STOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and so on. Finally, many seem to have settled upon the Initial DEX (IDO) Offerings, and here we are going to deal with launchpads.

The need for transparency and security has been a significant factor driving the evolution of fundraising in this sector. Innovation, as well as fraud, is the motivation for change. In other words, the need for legal rules to launch new tokens almost naturally arose in society.

As a result of these changes, launchpads have taken on a crucial role. So, in this article, we will talk about the best launchpads that are definitely worth paying attention to in 2022. Let’s get this show on the road!


Source: BullPerks

BullPerks is a decentralized VC and multichain launchpad dedicated to introducing the best-quality projects to its users. It is one of the quickest developing players in the entire industry.

The company truly believes that its community should always receive trustworthy information about all deals. Therefore, the BullPerks team of top-notch experts performs rigorous due diligence of all crypto startups to ensure the highest ROI and minimize investment risks for its users.

Their decentralized VC model is worked around straightforwardness and reasonableness, giving a stage to pioneers and spurring individuals the same. BullPerks will keep on building spans across all organizations and work on further developed types of cross-chain innovation that makes this project a win-win one.


Source: GamesPad

GamesPad is the world’s first holistic gaming, NFT, and metaverse ecosystem, backed by industry experts. It is a one-stop shop for everything GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT, bringing together a gaming incubator, game-specific multichain launchpad, decentralized venture capital, NFT aggregator, and marketplace, in-house game studio, and much more. The team’s core mission is to support and incubate game entrepreneurs through its comprehensive ecosystem, offering them mentorship, advisory, and network connections in the gaming and crypto space.

The platform with a tier-based system holds Initial Game Offerings (IGO), Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMO), Initial NFT Offerings (INO), and land sales. It aims to help high-quality blockchain games raise funds. It also provides early-stage access and the opportunity to invest in these projects for retail buyers.

Becoming a member of their community is as easy as that. Users just need to buy an appropriate NFT and a certain amount of GMPD tokens to enter one of the tiers available on the platform. Each tier will provide different investment opportunities on the launchpad.

Binance Launchpad

Source: Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad provides an opportunity for new crypto projects to raise capital from a platform that is already being used by much of the crypto world. As one of the world’s leading exchanges, Binance already has access to cryptocurrency holders and investors who are likely to be interested in gaining early access to high-quality token sales.

The Binance ecosystem is ideal for blockchain projects. In this regard, Binance Launchpad plays a central role. Since 2017, the platform has been continuously offering advice, funding, marketing support, and issuing tokens for various projects.

To participate, you will need Binance Coins (BNB), the platform’s native cryptocurrency, as well as a compatible wallet. In the past, Binance has been a launchpad for notorious projects such as Injective Protocol, PancakeSwap, BitTorent, and more.


Source: Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a DEX platform for the interaction of cross-chain token pools, developed on the basis of Polkadot’s own blockchain ecosystem. The protocol allows new blockchain projects to raise funds in a decentralized, interoperable environment.

Crowdfunding at Polkastarter is provided in private pools (to raise funds from certain investors) and password-protected pools (for more secure private fundraising).

In addition, pools can hold auctions for their tokens. Holders of the POLS token can trade it and use it for staking, paying fees in cross-chain pools, and creating new liquidity pools. Token holders manage the DAO protocol and can vote for or against project changes. Thanks to the Polkadot blockchain, this launchpad is compatible with various decentralized services and blockchains.


Source: TrustSwap

With its solutions to the problems of subscriptions, split payments, and cross-chain token exchanges, TrustSwap is considered a disruptor to the entire DeFi space. TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service launchpad designed for upcoming and emerging crypto projects. The team has built a dedicated community within their ecosystem.

The TrustSwap Launchpad allows potential investors to stake a minimum of 4,000 SWAP tokens to gain early access to the whitelist of these promising crypto projects. SWAP is a native token that powers the TrustSwap ecosystem. With the help of the SmartLaunch toolkit, the platform plans to prevent immediate sales and disputes after the token’s launch.


Source: DuckDAO

DuckStarter is a new blockchain startup and fundraising platform run by the DuckDAO community. It provides investors with the opportunity to access projects at an early stage. The platform launched in early 2021.

The platform interface implements the deflationary mechanism of the DDIM token. Projects launched through the Duckstarter platform pay small fees in USDC, which are used to redeem internal DDIM and DUCK tokens. The DuckDAO community supports the project’s development, and DDIM token holders can farm them by receiving DUCK tokens, which are distributed during the public sale of DuckDAO tokens.

Bottom Line

Correctly identifying a promising project at an early stage in the crypto space is hardcore stuff! The fact that investors lose not thousands but millions of dollars every year due to crypto scams is a clear sign that there is always money in the market, but it is very easy to lose it.

Launchpads are unique ecosystem players that bridge the gap between investors and potentially promising early-stage crypto projects, bringing tremendous value to the entire crypto ecosystem.

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