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Alpha Kai Omega, Omicron Xi Chi, Nu Kappa Psi and Trojans hosted rushing and New Member Orientation starting Sept. 18 lasting through Oct. 2.

The clubs were allowed to take pledge classes early this fall before the main rushing season begins in October. The new sorority, Omicron Xi Chi, or OXC, took their first pledge class on Sept. 16.

Due to freshmen now being allowed rush in spring semester, all 13 clubs had a rush and join season in early spring after having one in the fall. Now, most of the groups will just have one rush and join season during the spring only.

“The rush and join seasons were a little chaotic because those officers and those organizations were tasked with having two full-on rush and join seasons,” McPherson said. “This year, with it just being mostly everyone doing a spring rush and joining, it’s going to be a lot easier.” 

However, not all students felt represented during the rush and join process, leading to the creation of new sorority Omicron Xi Chi. OXC caters to providing representation to Black women on campus, as well the sorority plans to be a brother club with Nu Kappa Psi.

Senia Overstreet, president of OXC and senior english major from Fort Worth said the lack of representation was the reason for the founding and urgency of new members for OXC. 

“We see that minority women do not have that space, as much as we like to assume and pretend as we do, we don’t,” Overstreet said. “Creating OXC is actually that space that was designed for you to feel like not like another. We coin ACU as home but, there are a lot of minority people here that do not feel like it’s home.” 

The idea was brought to Overstreet during her sophomore year, however, due to a lack of funding and sponsorship they were unable to be active until this semester.

“The importance of founding OXC, to me and my co-founder, is one of those things where you feel there is a lack of something so you want to fill it,” Overstreet said.

Trojans and Nu Kappa Psi also completed their fall rushing season after feeling there was a need for more members for each fraternity.

Ian Crum, rush director for Trojans and a sophomore management major from Arcadia, Oklahoma said the lack of advertising from ACU for fraternities has made it harder for men on campus to be aware of the clubs. 

“Overall it’s been harder this time around,” Crum said. “Especially for us, since we are one of the smaller fraternities on campus we benefited from the all-club rush since everyone goes around to meet everyone for the sake of the organization.”

The joining process will end for these four clubs on Oct. 2, ushering in a new season for the rest of Greek Life on campus on Nov. 1.

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