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The DigiByte Foundation was established in 2019 as a Dutch “Stichting,” and it has played a key role in the payment of server and hosting fees, the provision of developer rewards, and engagement with exchanges such as Binance and the many other exchanges that have listed DigiByte in the past. The Foundation, much like many other individuals and organizations involved in the DigiByte ecosystem, did its best within the bounds of what was possible while being run entirely by volunteers; yet, there is always space for improvement.

When something is started with particular specified duties, there are always obligations that come along with them since there are expectations. This holds true even for voluntary work. After Hans Koning stepped down as Chair of the DigiByte Foundation, Rudy Bouwman was elected to fill that role. Together, they came to the conclusion that the DigiByte Foundation needed to be restructured in order to better prepare for the future of cryptocurrency, and they sought assistance and guidance in this endeavor from a number of fantastic individuals.

Not only the composition of the team, but also DigiByte’s plans, strategies, public communications, and a focus on getting things done with clear goals that are attainable and will benefit everyone, as well as gaining the support of a worldwide community. Rudy Bouwman, the newly appointed Chairman of the Foundation, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, with the assistance of individuals hailing from a variety of backgrounds and residing in a variety of countries who also support DigiByte technology and decentralization at its fundamental level.

The DigiByte Foundation had conversations with proponents of DigiByte in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to continue to debate an improved international footprint and local subject areas, but also to truly comprehend their local issues, obstacles, the need for education, and of course to make the most of opportunities for the DigiByte blockchain technology, its digital currency, and the worldwide adoption of the cryptocurrency.

A Stronger, More Resilient, Better Staffed Foundation

In order to establish the foundation for a stronger, more resilient, and better-staffed DigiByte Foundation, they have been reaching out to a variety of DigiByte individuals and teams in an attempt to establish a new and revitalized team, strengthen bridges, and empower the DigiByte ecosystem. A new organizational structure and set of tactics, with the overarching goal of establishing a Foundation that is both more resilient and better funded, as well as an audience that is both more diverse and more actively engaged, and that has a greater presence around the world.

In order to further enhance the team, the DigiByte Foundation will be backed by ambassadors and advisers hailing from a variety of nations and having varied professional experiences. A group that will shortly be led by its new Vice Chairman, Lars Weber, as well as by its new Manager of Community Service, Mike Aldy, and their new Strategic Alliances Manager, Chantal Kusters. Rutger Krijnen will continue to serve as Treasurer for the organization. Jared Tate, the creator of DigiByte, and Yoshi Jäger, a core developer, will serve on the initial advisory board and provide guidance to us regarding open-source software advancement. The DigiByte Foundation will base its work on these four primary areas of concentration.

1. Global Presence

DigiByte plans to increase the number of ambassadors it employs and has set its sights on having a presence in each and every region of the world. These representatives will take the form of regional ambassadors as well as local national ambassadors. The ambassadors of DigiByte have the ability to disseminate information in their native language, function as local advocates, and serve as a point of contact.

An ambassador will go out to local businesses, communities, and key opinion leaders and create connections with them. In addition to this, ambassadors will have the ability to explain how the DigiByte Blockchain can safeguard organizations from cyber threats and can make the appropriate connections to enable the creation of new use cases. In the near future, DigiByte will have a program up and running for anyone to apply to become an ambassador.

2. Education

There is a great deal of knowledge to be gained, as well as a great deal of knowledge to be shared. In many countries, particularly those still considered to be developing nations, education is not a given. DigiByte is working to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities. The DigiByte Foundation believes that information ought to be simple to obtain for both seasoned veterans and information seekers just starting out. A variety of subjects pertaining to blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and DigiByte will be discussed through the delivery of consistent instructional content and the facilitation of an educational platform powered by DigiByte.

3. Development

There is a demand for additional developers, particularly those who can work on the development of the core protocol. It is not only for experienced coders, but also students, amateurs, people of all ages who are ambitious, people who are willing to learn, and most importantly, people who follow DigiByte’s fundamental principles. Every developer who joins the DigiByte community ought to be able to immediately feel welcome at the DigiByte Foundation.

In addition, they ought to be able to rest easy in the knowledge that they will receive the appropriate direction and assistance when they demonstrate a willingness to contribute to particular aspects of software development. Moreover, DigiByte says that they ought to be aware that they will, in due course, be rewarded for their efforts and be eligible to collect a bounty. DigiByte needs to locate additional people running full nodes so that it may develop and enhance the DigiByte Network, which is essential for the network’s ongoing viability and consistency.

4. Collaboration / Partnerships

Any initiative, organization, person, or company that makes a significant contribution to the DigiByte Ecosystem can depend on its support to assist them in growing to their full potential. In order to empower the DigiByte Ecosystem, the foundation will actively seek alignment, collaboration, and synergies with other groups in its community, as well as other blockchain projects and decentralized technologies. This will allow DigiByte to not only obtain value but also add value and provide situations in which everyone involved benefits.

The DigiByte Foundation’s primary objectives will be to foster a revitalized and optimistic attitude toward the entire DigiByte ecosystem, as well as to encourage development and developers to provide further support for and make improvements to the network. In order to fortify the DigiByte blockchain from its very foundations, a developer bounty system as well as more participatory developer support and communication programs are going to be implemented.

Aiming For Collective Development And Opportunities

One of the primary objectives of the DigiByte Foundation is to increase the number of companies, payment processors, and service providers that are aware of DigiByte Technology in order to establish the DigiByte Coin as a preferable alternative to Bitcoin. Moreover, the foundation wants it to be acknowledged as the greatest currency in an environment characterized by Web3 and Metaverse. It is imperative that a far larger number of people from the business world and the private sector become aware of the fact that the DigiByte blockchain already operates as a top-notch payment network.

As a result, key partners, exchanges, contributors, and businesses will all play a significant role in the process of helping to better position and stabilize the safe and decentralized blockchain and payment network. Last but not least, one of the DigiByte Foundation’s goals is to improve the processes that are used to generate revenue for the DigiByte Foundation. If the Foundation receives more funding, it will be able to expand its awareness-raising efforts beyond the existing DigiByte echo chambers.

DigiByte needs to increase its marketing awareness and strategy in the same way that other projects that have received a lot of funding do so that DigiByte can become the dominant blockchain and currency in the Web3 and Metaverse environments. The DigiByte community is where its greatest strengths can be found. Over the course of the past several years, a number of tokens backed by venture capital have attracted a significant amount of attention that may have, under different circumstances, been invested in truly decentralized ventures like DigiByte.

The new DigiByte Foundation is well aware that in today’s “pay-to-get-the-message-out” media landscape, more will have to be done to establish new alliances and diversified donation streams in order to more effectively support the marketing and development for the DigiByte venture in general with the goal of educating and broadening appeal towards a wider audience.

This is something that the new DigiByte Foundation plans to work towards. Finally, the DigiByte Foundation is excited to interact with DigiByte enthusiasts from all over the world and to assist in the development of additional DigiByte enthusiasts and supporters in a manner that is ongoing, continuous, and expected to continue for many years to come. The DigiByte Foundation says that “DigiByte is here to stay. United we stand. Divided we fall” and uses the tagline “Empower DigiByte, Decentralize the World!”

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