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EverGrow, like many other cryptocurrencies, has no recent encouraging price move. At best, these coins are struggling to maintain their relevance. And we honestly wouldn’t expect more from a bearish market that has left most coins underperforming. 

Many investors and crypto enthusiasts are knee-deep in research in the hunt for cryptocurrencies with the potential to pump for whenever the market is ready for the bull run. EverGrow coin and a few notable eco-friendly cryptocurrencies have been recently on the roll of coins with remarkable pump opportunities. EverGrow implements a 2% coin holdback smart contract for strategic burning. 

Today, about 52.9% of the total supply of the EverGrow coin has been burnt. The possibility that more of this coin will still be burnt leaves intriguing speculation on how valuable the coin can become. This article is an attempt to uncover EverGrow’s roadmap, possible price prediction, and available coin alternatives with ravishing possibilities. 


EverGrow Price Prediction 2023 and Roadmap 

After EverGrow coin (EGC) launched in September 2021, it experienced a quick uptrend in the following months. The coin experienced a fast acceptance and rapid growth for its on-chain activities, which was obvious when it reached its record-time high in November 2021. 

We can attribute EverGrow’s quick feat to being the first blue-chip token to offer a passive stable-coin income with an inventive distribution scheme. EGC holders get rewarded in Binance-based stablecoin (BUSD). These coin rewards are transaction fees for buying, selling, and transferring EGC.

EGC has built-in utilities and a locked-in 2% of the available supply programmed for burning. As a result, EGC tokens are burnt periodically regardless of present price increases. The project has already burnt over 52% of its total supply and is gunning for a reputation as one of the major top 50 cryptos for the year.

Also, EGC made a spectacular run in August 2022, especially with the incoming news of an ecosystem token launch. The ecosystem token was dubbed LUCRO, and the expectation is that it should help support EverGrow’s ecosystem, which is a component of a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, decentralized exchange (DEX), social media platform, Metaverse, and crypto wallet. However, all these components were under development.

EverGrow’s whitepaper shows that about 8% of every transaction fee is programmed for redistribution to EGC holders. About 2% is transferred to the Binance-based EGC liquidity pool on DEX Pancake Swap. An inclusive 4% of transaction fees are programmed to be equally distributed for buyback programs and future development of the project. But it doesn’t end here, as the need to develop resources and provide an additional reward to EGC holders is almost unending. 

EverGrow is developing an all-inclusive community and marketplace for all types of crypto enthusiasts and investors. It involves the Lunasky (developing NFT marketplace), Crater (an EverGrow social media platform), a metaverse ecosystem, a crypto wallet, and a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). After the listing on the DigiFinex exchange, EverGrow’s price surge increased dramatically to 61%.

The fact remains that investing in crypto can be volatile; there’s always the chance to make a loss or profit. As promising as EverGrow might sound, it has had its own fair share of bearishness in the existing market conditions. While EverGrow is viable investors pick, there’s never really a guarantee to what the token can or cannot do, which is why diversifying your portfolio via other crypto alternatives is the right investment approach.

Best Crypto Alternatives for 2023

Choosing a crypto asset for your investment portfolio is undoubtedly one of the toughest decisions investors and crypto enthusiasts have to make. As a matter of fact, they’d have to live with whatever outcome they get from such an investment. Considering the opportunities, EverGrow presents, it’s only smart to find out which other crypto alternatives might be just as promising as EverGrow.

Tamadoge is on its way to becoming a remarkable meme coin, unlike anything we’ve seen or experienced. Starting with the $19 million capital raised during its ICO stages to the fact that Tamadoge features a crossroad play-to-earn ecosystem, it becomes easy to understand that Tamadoge is fast becoming a meme coin with a difference. The platform also supports profit-driven actions like breeding, training, and grooming NFT pets to battle other NFT pets in the Metaverse.

It is important to note that Tamadoge’s ongoing success marks a new dawn in our approach to cryptocurrency and tokenomics, especially since the crypto asset takes on the net zero carbon footprint by supporting only users who avoid minting new TAMA tokens with special computers or mining rigs that heavily relies on the availability of energy and a flawed proof of work consensus mechanism.


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Generally, IMPT.io boasts that it is irrevocably interested in promoting the safety of our ecosystem, especially now that there are too many downsides and backlash accompanying the use of crypto mechanisms like Proof of Work. 

Since most Cryptocurrencies are known for their large carbon footprints and high-power consumption when validating transactions and creating new transaction blocks across the proof of work consensus mechanism, IMPT aims to remedy cryptos’ negativities and built its platform on the latest Ethereum network, which has taken a stand in reducing its electrical energy usage by 99%

Given its circling goal for a better earth, IMPT.io has partnered with over 10,000 brands and will connect them to individuals and businesses who want to be a part of this green project, and it’s the path most investors deem profitable. 

This eco-friendly crypto indicated it will likely be a successful project by its on-going presale where it has already raised 4 million in just 10 days. 


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Cardano (ADA) is another worthy investment of choice if you’re looking to invest in value and utility. Positioning as one of the largest crypto assets by market cap, Cardano is developed to be a robust and scalable blockchain platform for smart contract operations, thereby enabling the creation of a variety of decentralized finance applications, games, cryptocurrencies, and more.

With a current value of $0.4, crypto investors can also take advantage of this eco-friendly digital asset to boost and diversify their investment portfolios.




Look at that! Apparently, EverGrow is a coin with many upsides, considering its amazing utility. As a matter of fact, its burn mechanism is fantastic and a reason for crypto fans and investors to buy into it.

However, the crypto market is quite volatile, and there’s no better way of investing in this delicate market than doing adequate research and diversifying your portfolio by investing in other valuable tokens. Certainly, Tamadoge, IMPT.io, and Cardano are worthy investments of choice, given their interesting use cases and their vision for a sustainable planet.


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