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Jasmy happens to be one of the many new crypto coins out there. In this article, not only will we discuss Jasmy and its price predictions for the future, but we’ll also see whether it’s a good investment or not. We’ll also take a look at some of the top-performing crypto coins like Dash 2 Trade, Calvaria, IMPT, and Tamadoge.

Jasmy Crypto Price Prediction

Since 2021, a downward trend that has been affecting the data management-focused cryptocurrency JasmyCoin has prevented it from recovering.

Behind the scenes, Jasmy has worked closely with a number of other companies in the sector. The protocol has worked with Sony VAIO (6758) to create high-security personal computers (PCs) for use in financial institutions, according to Jasmy’s whitepaper.

Jasmy has also teamed up with Toyota (7203) to create a platform for capturing visitor data that might one day be used for driverless cars. This seems interesting, but its price prediction does not look good.

Since its inception, Jasmy’s price action has been extremely erratic. According to the earliest price data on a graph from 2021, the price of the Jasmy token increased by almost 300%, from $1.29 on February 12 to an all-time high of $4.99 on February 16.

However, the price was unable to keep up its momentum and dropped to $1.77 from its peak in a week by more than 64%. In the weeks that followed, the token traded with significant volatility. By July 12, 2021, it had fallen to $0.011 as the bears had taken control.

Top Performing Coins of 2022

While Jasmy’s price prediction makes investors back away, there are some top-performing coins out there that are totally worth investing in, as they are predicted to explode soon.

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)
  2. Calvaria (RIA)
  3. IMPT
  4. Tamadoge (TAMA)
  5. Stellar (XLM)
  6. ANKR
  7. Sandbox (SAND)

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is a new platform that helps you trade and invest better. Whether you’re a crypto veteran or a newbie, you’ll love its dashboard full of cool tools and features

Additionally, you can score ICOs and presales and automate your trading. In addition to backtesting strategies in real-time, you can also backtest their strategies without taking any risks.

In Dash 2 Trade, D2T is the native token. Because it doesn’t contain taxes, you can use it to pay for Dash 2 Trade and backtest strategies. After the platform launches, it’s possible the D2T token price will skyrocket, as it may become extremely popular.

The Dash 2 Trade presale is now in its third phase. As of now, the presale has raised $6,000,000 of the total $8,757,000, making it 65% complete. Now is the time to get your hands on some D2T tokens before it launches on centralized exchanges so make sure you don’t miss out!

dash2trade (1)

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2. Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity features a new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that lets you compete against characters each with their own abilities. Your progress in the game is based on your success in beating your opponents and the clever tactics you employ to beat them.

There’s something different about Calvaria’s gameplay from Splinterlands and Gods Unchained. DAOs, stakes, NFT stores, minigames, and DAOs all play a part in the P2E card battles.

A detailed roadmap for Calvaria: Duels of Eternity in 2023 reveals just how exciting the game will be. There will be a number of new features coming in this game’s expansion, including VR experiences.

As of now, Calvaria is already in its fourth phase of the presale, following three successful rounds of presales. The fourth presale has already received 77% of its funding goal for the third presale, which caps at $2,100,000. For just a dollar, you can get 40 RIA tokens, so hurry up and grab them before they are all gone.


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The IMPT.io recently revealed that it had raised more than $12, 000,000 in the IMPT token’s native presale. This is a significant first step for the Ethereum-based platform, which aims to create a decentralized, open, and equitable market for carbon credits using blockchain technology and NFTs.

Based on other coins that have experienced similarly prosperous presales this year, IMPT is poised for significant gains once it receives its first exchange listings, thanks to this growth. In total, 60% of the coin’s supply will be sold in three stages, starting with 20% of the total supply, which means 600 million tokens will be sold for $0.018, and the next phase will offer 22%, meaning that 660 million tokens will be sold for $0.023. And finally, the third phase will have the remaining 18% supply, which means 540 million tokens will be available to buy at $0.028.

After having the first presale phase end tremendously, IMPT is now in the second presale phase and has so far raised over $12 million out of a cap of $25.98 million. So it’s about half way to its second presale goal. Once it goes live for trading in 2023, investors are expecting this eco-friendly crypto to explode!


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4. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Price Prediction for Tamadoge, according to an in-depth technical analysis of TAMA’s historical price data, indicates that in 2022, the price of Tamadoge will at least reach $0.058. With an average trading price of $0.061, the TAMA price can go as high as $0.064 per share. This excellent price prediction has made TAMA come to the top of the list.

The goal of Tamadoge (TAMA), a cryptocurrency project, is to add value to the meme coin market by developing a fun and lucrative P2E game set in the Tamaverse, a digital universe.

Tamadoge raised $19 million through its presale, which was done in just eight weeks, which is incredible for a meme coin. Tamadoge NFT pets will be available for purchase, and they can be updated using different items from the in-game shop. Players who level up their pets gain Dogepoints, which boosts their leaderboard position and qualifies them for a larger portion of the rewards pool.


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5. XLM

According to DigitalCoinPrice, XLM will increase to $0.13–0.15 by the end of 2022, $0.14–0.18 in 2023, and $0.13–0.20 in 2024. The publication predicts that XLM will average $0.20 over the course of the next three years, with a minimum price of $0.19 and a maximum price of $0.22.

With a value increase of about 2600%, XLM is among the top 15 most improved digital coins of the year. XLM is undoubtedly going to expand, as evidenced by its partnerships with prestigious companies like IBM and ICICI, which is the largest bank in India.




According to CoinMarketCap, the market value of ANKR as of this writing is about $640 million. With a $640 million market cap, the ANKR cryptocurrency is currently the 119th largest in the world. The amount of trading in the last 24 hours was about $24 million, an increase of almost 30% in one day.

The platform upholds the ideals encouraged by decentralization, which is one of the most appealing features we’ve found during our analysis of the ANKR price prediction. The Ankr platform, which enables you to utilize idle computing resources, contributes to the affordability of this decentralized nature.



Overview of The Sandbox (SAND) Bullish Price forecasts for The Sandbox for the year 2030 range from $3.71 to $8.08. According to market analysts, SAND could cost $3.71 by 2025.

A blockchain-backed virtual environment, The Sandbox allows users to play, create, buy, sell, and monetize their gaming activities. The platform’s goal is to free players’ creativity by enabling them to create the platform of their dreams.

The Ethereum blockchain has been used to deploy the Sandbox metaverse universe. The PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism is used. Given that blockchain technology has a bright future in a variety of industries, SAND might prove to be a profitable investment over time.



Although the future of Jasmy does not seem bright, and the coin does not seem to be a good short or long-term investment, mentioned above are the five best coins investors can consider. IMPT and TAMA are by far the top-performing coins of 2022.

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