The best coins to invest in 2022 with presales starting now and big discount |

  • Cryptocurrency presales provide investors an opportunity to participate in the early stages of a project and benefit immensely from its growth.
  • We have curated a list of six such crypto presales and upcoming ICOs with exciting value propositions.

Cryptocurrency presales provide one of the most exciting opportunities for investors looking to capitalize early on innovative and market-changing projects. However, the major challenge is identifying projects in their early stages which could turn big in the future.

Today, we are covering six such interesting projects and crypto presales for 2022. If interested, users can also participate in their ICOs in the coming months.

1. Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade platform provides its users access to signals, metrics, and other social trading tools. The D2T ecosystem also provides users with actionable insights that allow respective traders to identify and analyze the underlying factors influencing the price of digital assets.

The D2T token launch could be an exciting one for the year 2023. Also, traders on Dash 2 Trade will be incentivized for their good behavior on the platform as well as for providing valuable data. The D2T token sale in 2023 will fund the development of the platform along with expanding the team.


Crypto-startup firm IMPT has developed a blockchain system for using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for representing and trading gree-house emissions. Thus, IMPT will assign a digital value to every tonne of CO₂ saved or avoided. Users can buy and sell these carbon credits on the marketplace and even use them as currency.

IMPT leverages the power of crypto to trade in the traditional emissions trading market. This effort will lead to an effective reduction in greenhouse emissions said IMPT.

With IMPT, users can buy carbon credits and store them on the blockchain. The IMPT token holders can further decide to burn the credits to offset their carbon footprint. Every time a user burns the carbon credits, they will receive a collectible NFT.

IMPT is conducting an ongoing presale at 1 IMPT = $0.023.

3. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity

This is a deck-building game featuring unique characters derived from Mexican mythology surrounding the Day of the Dead. Each of these characters has their own unique abilities and strengths. With strategy and tactical sensitivity, users need to build a powerful deck of characters to win against other players.

Calvaria is a GameFi wherein multi-player duel winners will receive lucrative play-to-earn rewards. The good thing regarding Calvaria is that it has a dual focus on crypto gamers as well as no-coiners.

Te GameFi fans and crypto gamers can compete in the play-to-earn version of the game and earn token rewards. Similarly, no-coiners can enjoy the game without tokens. They can switch to the GameFi mode whenever they want.

Besides, the Calvaria GameFi game also relies on a dual-token approach. The RIA token is the native token of the ecosystem. This token is essential for trading in-game NFTs such as game characters. Users can buy and trade the RIA tokens in the ICO presale and after listing on the exchange.

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The eRIA token is completely complimentary. Calvaria will provide all the play-to-earn rewards in eRIA tokens. Users can use these tokens to upgrade cards and buy skill boosts for their characters.

There will be a total of 9 presales for the RIA tokens conducted by Calvaria. Currently, in presale phase 1 costs 1 RIA = 0.01 USDT. However, this price will continue to increase with each subsequent presale.

4. Tamadoge

The Tamadoge project was the first to capitalize on the mega trending memecoins as well as the play-to-earn trend. They have thus created a gripping, entertaining, and lucrative play-to-earn game that will launch its own Metaverse – the Tamaverse.

Currently, Tamadoge is in the beta launch and investors can still benefit from the low prices of the Tamadoge tokens. Tamadoge brings three attractive earning opportunities to investors.

  1. Play-to-Earn: Mint Tamadoges and duel with each other. Victorious players shall receive rewards in Tamadoge tokens.
  2. NFT Trading: Users can mint and breed their own Tamadoges as NFTs. They can further sell them in the Tamadoge shop to make real money.
  3. Crypto Investing: Investors can buy and hold the Tamadoge tokens in the beta launch and participate in its future price increase.

Earlier in September this year, Tamadoge completed its ICO on OKX Exchange and raised its targeted amount in just a few hours. This main sale happened after the Tamadoge presale earlier in July and raised $19 million.

The Tamadoge team has also launched its decentralized exchange (DEX) to facilitate easy access to TAMA tokens.

5. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is a crypto project with a special potential and consists of several different products including a Metaverse, and an NFT-based Fantasy Sports League. It also provides users the ability to create mints and use the NFTs.

Users can also operate crypto staking on the Battle Infinity Platform while earning additional tokens. Battle Infinity will conduct its presale in the coming few weeks wherein it will sell 30 percent of the total iBAT coin supply.

6. EstateX

As the name suggests, the EstateX platform brings real estate investments to the blockchain platform. It carries out different contracts using blockchain-based smart contracts and handles the financial processing of loan repayments, rents, and sales with fiat money as well as with its native tokens ESX tokens, and PROPX tokens.

The crypto presales around EstateX sold in no time. On the other hand, users can still join the whitelist and secure access to the EstateX Coin Launch.

Investors will get benefits in the form of irregular airdrops, exclusive NFTs, and participation in community decisions regarding the future of EstateX. Additionally, they can also earn passive income in the form of rental and sale income.

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