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I’m no music critic, let alone a music theory expert. But I’ve always been a fan. This compilation is the vision of a designer, about the music that has influenced me since the beginning of my career 12 years ago. Like many, I started with British music when I was 14 years old (Radiohead, Coldplay, U2, Snow Patrol, Keane … ). But it was in 2010, the year I began my degree in design, that I started researching music of different styles and opening my horizons to new sounds. Hip-hop, rap, electronic, post-dubstep, experimental, jazz, soul, R&B, indie rock, pop. It was from this collection of genres that I was shaping both my musical and aesthetic tastes.

For me, music and design have always gone hand in hand. We can start from this principle: The two begin from an empty place. On one side a blank canvas, and on the other side silence. The idea and the action (or work) come to fill and make everything more concrete. And even if all the empty spaces feel the need to be filled, these are important or even necessary for understanding the whole.

In my creative process I always seek to bring pauses and spaces in my design. These breathing moments allow people to better assimilate the hierarchy of a page, for example. In music, I understand that silence serves to change from one passage to another or to introduce new ideas within a song.

I believe that design elements and music elements are completely related. Rhythm, harmony, spaces, repetition, collage and hierarchy are just some of the elements where these two universes intersect. The rhythm between different elements that can provide a better reading; the harmony of typographies; the silence of negative spaces that are necessary for understanding visual hierarchies. Repetition is a very common attribute in both design and music, especially in my most favorite genre, electronic. Collages in design are the same as samples in music, as it introduces and recreates past ideas, giving a new meaning to that piece of material. The cycle closes and both are interconnected.

You may notice a pattern around the artworks I chose, as I’m a big follower of minimalism and design systems in general. I’m also a photographer myself, so  you are going to find photography-centric album covers as well.

Here are my top 11:

Swim (2010)

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