Best 2023 Crypto? The Hideaways Tops Analyst Picks Ahead of Ethernity (ERN) and Phoenix Global (PHB) |

Nothing beats waking up to green charts, let alone to triple-digit gains. Ethernity (ERN) and Phoenix Global (PHB) are both making names for their exponential rallies lately. Analysts have warned to sell whilst you still can and pocket these gains.

Another token that’s been on the investors’ alert is The Hideaways (HDWY) – a new crypto project that’s been smashing its presale performance lately.

Ethernity (ERN)’s Posts Big Gain

Expert investors remind investors to take advantage of increasing holdings during the dip and take profit during a hike. It’s a golden rule that everyone does not seem to follow.

Leading the list of gainers for the day is Ethernity (ERN) – a crossover project between DeFi and NFT. The token is currently exchanging hands at $3.39, recording a 127% rally in the last 24 hours.

The ERN price signalled a good day for investors but Etherenity may drop back down soon. If you’re invested in Etherenity you should consider taking gains off the table before the Ethernity (ERN) price loses value.

Phoenix Global (PHB) Makes a 447% Rise in a Month

Phoenix Global (PHB) is another budding token that investors are keeping an eye on recently.

After spending much of its time undisturbed in the bearish territory since launching in 2017, Phoenix Global listing on Binance gave the PHB price a massive boost recently.

Phoenix Global (PHB) is up 447% in the last 30 days and PHB is currently trading with a 20% increase to $0.83.

The PHB price is now up 162% from its previous all-time high of $0.33 recorded in June 2022.

The Hideaways (HDWY) Will Become a Top Investment in 2023

Investors love new project The Hideaways because it has passed a Solidproof audit and the liquidity is locked permanently.

In addition to being an ultra-secure investment, The Hideaways gives crypto investors the chance to buy NFTs that are backed by million-dollar mansions around the world.

These mansions generate passive income combined with staking rewards to yield over 90% annually – a huge reward for investors.

It’s no wonder that this ground-breaking project is so popular. The market cap is currently only $45m and the token price only $0.045. The HDWY token price is increasing this Sunday so investors are heading to the token before it rises in price.

The Hideaways could be a life-changing investment. At such a small market cap, it’s very likely that the token will sky-rocket in line with analyst expectations to hit over $900m in 2023.





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