IDP Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Report Week 11: Jack Sanborn, Sione Takitaki |

I was recently asked how you choose who to start week-to-week in IDP. I’d first recommend you read all of my IDP reports over the last two years—I’m not joking. I drop gems all over the place and it’s hard to boil down my expansive IDP knowledge. I don’t often puff my chest with any sort of seriousness, so that’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I’ve been playing fantasy football since 1996 and I’ve been playing IDP and dynasty IDP since 2000. Pat Tillman (RIP) was on one of my teams—that’s how far back I go—and he was a beast at the time. He was a top-five tackle guy across all positions, not just at safety. Point being, there are too many boxes rattling around this ol’ mental attic o’ mine to synthesize it all down in one sitting.

I would generally recommend that you abandon the idea of player loyalty in IDP. There are maybe six defensive linemen, 10 linebackers and 10 defensive backs that I would consider untouchable must-starts in any given year. Beyond that, you should be churning for who is producing the most points right now with a focus on what produces points in your league format while understanding tackles are more repeatable than big plays. If you’re adding the guy who had a two-INT game, try to understand that he’s probably not Deion Sanders. He probably just got lucky and you should be focusing on tackle-heavy options.

So you should not only check who’s performing well in the last few games, but also who is averaging the most over the past month or so. Between bye weeks, injuries, playing time shifts and luck of the draw, the IDP landscape is always in motion.

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