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It’s been well-documented that Pokemon change over time. Even as far back as the first generation, we were given fossil Pokemon, which could only be attained by resurrecting a fossil. In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we were introduced to ancient Hisuian forms, which showed us that even present-day Pokemon were once vastly different.

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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the inclusion of paradox Pokemon has given us yet another batch of primordial pocket monsters, but fans are hungry for more. As of yet, Nintendo hasn’t announced plans for additional Pokemon of the past, but that could change. If so, there are several Pokemon that should be seriously considered.


10/10 Torterra

Torterra painted on a cave surrounded by torches

If any Pokemon deserves an ancient form, it’s Torterra. The idea of turning the continent Pokemon into something that represents an ancient Pangea would be fun to see the Pokemon company play with. Detective Pikachu gave a terrifying glimpse of titan-sized Torterra, but having a form to battle with in-game would definitely be something to be excited about.

While a Pokemon of that size may seem impractical for a Pokemon game, we’ve seen plenty of Kaiju-sized Pokemon in recent games, so one more certainly wouldn’t hurt.

9/10 Drampa

Drampa painted on a cave surrounded by torches

How fun would it be to see this mysterious ancient dragon in the prime of its youth? Giving Drampa past form could give insight into this Pokemon’s past, and could synergize well with his existing concept.

Drampa is essentially the grandpa dragon of the Pokemon universe, and its past form could act as an idealistic version of its youth, perfect for bedtime stories. When considering future picks for ancient Pokemon, you shouldn’t sleep on Drampa’s potential.

8/10 Chandelure

Chandalure painted on a cave surrounded by torches

One Pokemon that could truly shine bright with a past form is Chandelure. This creepy candelabra is clearly inspired by fairly modern architecture, but we know that this couldn’t be its original form. Flames and torches have existed since the dawn of mankind and are commonly linked to spirituality. This opens the door to creating past forms symbolic of that spiritual significance.

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Ancient ritualistic torches or even some primordial fires from the beginning of time could be interesting concepts to incorporate into the Pokemon’s lore and design. While it may be hard to imagine a new typing for this ancient form, there are plenty of new abilities it could possess to create a more pronounced distinction. It’s an idea that’s sure to ignite the passion of any trainer who encounters it.

7/10 Conkeldurr

conkeldurr painted on a cave surrounded by torches

This concrete-carrying humanoid may look slightly disturbing in its present-day form, but that’s all the more reason to see what it originated from. Conkeldurr is a powerful Pokemon with great stats and has constantly been a popular pick for Trick Room teams.

A past form could be as simple as a boulder-wielding caveman-like Pokemon which seems to be just a small leap from its present-day design. A Pokemon like that has the potential to be truly emblematic of primitive Pokemon.

6/10 Absol

Absol painted on a cave surrounded by torches

Absol has been a fan favorite since its introduction and is a great candidate to receive a past form. For starters, Absol’s design is based of a mythical beast from Chinese mythology called the Bai-Ze. This hyper-intelligent single-horned beast was far more powerful than present-day Absol, so a past form that more closely resembles that would make sense.

It would also justify giving Absol Ghost or Fairy typing, making it an even bigger threat on the battlefield. Absol has the potential to be as popular as Charizard or Greninja, and with as many forms as they have been given over the years, it would be great to see Absol get its turn in the spotlight.

5/10 Toxtricity

Toxtricity painted on a cave surrounded by torches

If the Pokemon Company is handing out past forms, why not toss a coin to Toxtricity? This modern-day punk rocker would make an excellent medieval bard Pokemon and could be something truly unique to the franchise.

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With numerous attacks based on songs and dances, it could have a vast move pool, and adjustments to its typing could really help its competitive viability. As one of the most beloved Pokemon of Gen 8, Toxtricity is worth putting back in the spotlight, especially if that means highlighting this rock star’s past.

4/10 Exploud

Exploud painted on a cave surrounded by torches

Speaking of musical Pokemon, why not Exploud? Exploud is a Pokemon with an incredibly interesting concept that never really got the attention it deserved, and introducing past versions has the potential to redeem that.

A bagpipe or even a classical brass pipe organ would bring us design concepts that would be truly unique, and possibly give it better type matchups for competitive battling. Plus, it would give ancient Toxtricity someone to jam with. A Pokemon with that potential could have fans singing songs of joy.

3/10 Dragapult

Dragapult painted on a cave surrounded by torches

Dragapult is a prime candidate for a retro revamp. This pseudo-legendary’s design references elements of the past that have been adapted for the present day. Its ghost-like tail is based on ancient extinct tetrapods, combined with a head inspired by modern-day stealth bombers.

The unique elements of its design imply that it made drastic adaptations to survive, which would make it rewarding to get a glimpse of its past. It wouldn’t be hard to conceptualize an ancient Dragapult as a grounded version of its present-day form. It could use its new tail to pull back a slingshot in place of its present-day cannons. Without a catapult Pokemon in the current Pokédex, an ancient form like this seems fitting especially given the name.

2/10 Blastoise

Blastoise painted on a cave surrounded by torches

Blastoise‘s design is unique, even when compared to its previous evolutions. Its iconic back cannons distinguish it from any other Pokemon in the franchise, which makes it all the more enticing to see how they developed. The introduction of gunpowder was a pivotal moment for the ancient world, and an ancient Blastoise may be able to draw inspiration from those early designs.

A form like this could justify a Fire and Water typing, which is yet to be seen in the Pokemon world other than the legendary Volcanion. Revisiting this iconic design, including historical inspiration and unique typing, has the potential to make this concept truly a blast(oise) from the past.

1/10 Garchomp

Garchomp painted on a cave surrounded by torches

Everything about Garchomp’s design implies that it has adapted to become an apex predator. This terrifying creature’s design is inspired by velociraptors, jet planes, and hammerhead sharks — none of which would seem remotely connected. Its present-day form combines ancient dinosaurs and symbology from modern technology to create a terrifying “shark on land” combination.

Its many adaptations suggest that it was once originally the apex predator of a completely different environment, and had to adapt to a rapidly changing ecosystem. If this is to be true, then an ancient Garchomp could be even more terrifying than its present-day form. Given its shark-like appearance, it could’ve come from the ocean, with ancestors reminiscent of the most terrifying prehistoric sea creatures.

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