Is Big Eyes Coin’s Presale A Safe Haven For Crypto Enthusiasts Amid Solana and BNB’s Decline? |

It has been a disastrous year for the crypto market, with many crypto giants falling from mammoth heights to devastating lows. While this trend may represent a unique buying opportunity for some crypto enthusiasts, it has undoubtedly resulted in catastrophic losses for others.

Solana (SOL) and BNB (BNB) have fallen victim to the current market trend, experiencing losses that have left some crypto enthusiasts unsure where to place their money. However, cryptocurrencies that are going through their presale stages are unaffected by current market trends. It makes them ideal cryptocurrencies to purchase while the market is in turmoil.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is in the sixth stage of its presale, allowing crypto enthusiasts to purchase a token unaffected by the current market slump.

Why Are Big Eyes On The Rise?

Big Eyes Coin has made the headlines as the newest meme token to join the meme coin sector. The platform shows commitment to sustainability, pledging 5% of its tokens to ocean conservation efforts. Big Eyes Coin has raised $1000 for Sea Shepherd, a charitable organisation prioritising marine conservation, inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio.

So, why are Big Eyes on the Rise? Big Eyes Coin represents a desirable buying opportunity for crypto enthusiasts. While the rest of the market declines, Big Eyes Coin is flourishing as its presale edges closer to the $10 million mark. Big Eyes Coin has raised $9.92 million at the time of writing, showcasing the excitement surrounding the new platform.

Although Big Eyes Coin represents a unique buying opportunity for crypto enthusiasts, it also hosts a vibrant ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin aims to host an NFT collection in the top ten projects, bringing utility to NFTs by using them as invitations to exclusive events and parties on the Big Eyes Coin platform.

Want to know more about this new meme token? Watch the video below!

Solana Sees 26% Decline.

Solana hosts one of the most efficient blockchains in the market, utilising a combined consensus to achieve 50,000 transactions per second at its peak performance. Solana uses the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus, which allows the blockchain to complete transactions at unfathomable speeds.

While this solves the scalability problem in the blockchain trilemma, Solana is still subject to volatile market conditions. The blockchain giant’s market capitalisation has decreased by 26.89% in the past seven days at the time of writing. Will Solana recover from this? Only time will tell.

However, cryptocurrencies can rise just as fast as they fall, as seen in past bull markets. Considering the Autumn period is when cryptocurrencies historically perform at their best, buying Solana while the price is low could prove wise.

Cristiano Ronaldo BNB NFT Collection Ready For Launch.

Like Solana, BNB has been subject to a market capitalisation decline over the past week. The crypto giant has declined by 10.25% at the time of writing. However, this current trend could change in the coming days.

BNB is close to launching its NFT collection with Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has found himself in the mainstream media for his explosive interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV. The Manchester United player publicly criticised his coach, Erik Ten Hag, stating that Ten Hag had no respect for him, so he holds no respect for Ten Hag.

This interview quickly broke into the mainstream media. While some criticise the way Ronaldo handled the situation, others respect his actions. BNB is ready to launch Ronaldo’s NFT collection on the 18th of November, and the collection is expected to go viral after Ronaldo’s latest interview, potentially helping BNB’s token explode.

Final Thoughts

Solana and BNB’s decline presents the opportunity for users to access ongoing presales and purchase tokens for a low price currently unaffected by the market slump. Additionally, users could purchase Solana and BNB while low, ‘buying the dip’ before they potentially rise again.

Big Eyes Coin also offers bonus tokens to those who use the ‘BIGE584’ at the checkout. Use the code now to receive 5% bonus tokens with your order!

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