The 10 cheapest city breaks in Europe to add to your bucket list for 2023 |

Spending time in any city can be one of the most effective ways to tap into that country’s culture. Whether it’s a whirlwind weekend or a fortnight of getting to know a new neighbourhood, city breaks offer a full-bodied, in-at-the-deep-end immersion that beach resorts and remote country hotels seldom can. But that cultural crash course can come with a price tag, and hidden ones at that; flights from London to Venice sell for as low as £11, but it’s one of Europe’s most expensive cities for accommodation and food. So we’ve broken down some of the latest data on the cheapest city breaks in Europe for 2023, from a coastal cosmopolis to a snow-capped ski city.

Note: you’ll notice some wonderful European cities missing from this list, namely Kiev in Ukraine and Warsaw in Poland. Both have been tragically affected by the war in Ukraine, and should be avoided until safe to visit – until then, find out how to help the people of Ukraine right now, and see how you can support them through your travel choices.

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