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Woodland HIlls, CA, February 9, 2022 — BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund (OTC: BMCS), a digital asset-focused firm, today announced the launch of its new cryptocurrency investment fund. Backed by a $15M initial investment, BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund provides exposure to Sumcoin, the world’s first cryptographic index of the top 100 coins by market value.

The Fund employs a single-asset investment strategy and seeks to generate capital appreciation derived from high-performing digital coins. Through the fund, investors will have the opportunity to invest capital in Sumcoin, a cryptographic blockchain and index, guarded by a proof-of-work algorithm, that tracks and analyzes a combined market capitalization of the top 100 coins, as a means to aggregate their values into one coin.

Eliminating the need to monitor the price of 100 individual coins, Sumcoin deploys a model that allows investors to hold just one coin. This aids in not only mitigating risk but in shielding investors from high-risk factors, in turn, garnering potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns. Sumcoin is a crypto-alternative offering for investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies but may only want to hold one coin for simplicity.

The fund is widely available to qualified US investors, alongside international institutional and accredited retail investors with a minimum initial contribution of $25,000 to participate. To date, the BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund manages approximately $54 million in assets. Shares are available via private placement to accredited investors.

“The BMCS Sumcoin Index fund is for those who want to gain maximum exposure to the crypto space but may only want to hold one coin for simplicity, which can reduce risk factors. Investing in Sumcoin is safer and more stable than investing in some of the top-valued coins. While not a stable coin, it’s more of a Dow Jones type of coin that doesn’t have extreme dips, like other coins in the crypto space,“ said Tony Miller, founder and CEO of BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund.

BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund’s model is poised in a manner that will give investors what they may have missed with  Greyscale, Osprey and Bitwise — a way to invest in a new crypto-based company from the ground floor. In addition, according to Mr. Miller, investing with BMCS Sumcoin Index is investing in the future crypto, as Sumcoin aggregates the “SUM” of all top 100 coins most valuable coins by market capitalization, “it’s like investing into crypto as a whole, not just Bitcoin.”

“The entire crypto landscape is burgeoning and we believe Sumcoin is an overlooked opportunity. Our goal is to enhance the value and liquidity of Sumcoin in the digital ecosystem. We also view it as our chance to introduce these opportunities responsibly with a focus on privacy and exemplary service,” adds Tony Miller.

BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund underwent significant review and consideration of all facets of the investment process and is dedicated to substantial, secure custody arrangements, and regulatory considerations.

BMCS Sumcoin’s investment products are available to institutional and individual accredited investors through respective periodic and ongoing private placements. The top 100 Sumcoin are publicly-traded in accordance with the rules and regulations of the SEC and may be bought and sold throughout the day via any brokerage account.

BMCS SUMCOIN INDEX FUND is a Delaware statutory trust that holds Sumcoin on behalf of its shareholders. Ubiquitous Digital Asset Management is the parent company of BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund. It’s a digital asset-focused firm that manages the complexities of BMCS digital footprint and all the intricacies that encompass the digital spaces for BMCS and other succeeding companies from its portfolio. The company currently filed a Reg. D 506c offering with the SEC and started raising capital with this exemption. 





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