The Crypto Industry is Being Revolutionized Beyond Mere Financial Gain By Runfy, Which in Turn, is Reducing Avalanche, and Polygon’s Values |

The Crypto Industry is Being Revolutionized Beyond Mere Financial Gain By Runfy, Which in Turn, is Reducing Avalanche, and Polygon's Values

The global economy has benefited from the advent of digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC), etc., have revolutionized the way people think about and use money. Cryptocurrencies have grown in importance and popularity since their debut in 2009. Other than the drastic change in the decentralized management structure of the financial industry, the rapid pace of development, and other limitations bought by fiat money. The original purpose of cryptocurrency was to facilitate the transfer of funds, but now it is used for much more.

For newer cryptocurrencies to attract customers, they have implemented amenities that older ones do not, like health and fitness programs. An example of such a cryptocurrency is Runfy (RUNF). Universal healthcare supporting cryptocurrency, Runfy hopes to achieve this by motivating its customers to participate in fitness-enhancing pursuits that reward them for maintaining their positive habits.

Runfy (RUNF) Cares About Weight and Wellness

Runfy has noticed that the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened the global epidemic of obesity. Because of the worldwide lockdown brought on by the pandemic, most people could not keep up their usual levels of physical activity, which led to a dramatic increase in body mass. Runfy saw this worldwide health issue and set out to address it by encouraging people to get more exercise. Runfy’s creators are fully aware that few people have the will to reduce weight or exercise regularly, so they’ve designed a token called RUNF to reward those who put in the effort.

Runfy is a fully community-driven platform that allows its users to manage their health and well-being. Using cryptocurrency, the Runfy Project encourages individuals to improve their health and fitness. Runfy (RUNF) was conceived as a cutting-edge technology to integrate provided fitness into the cryptocurrency industry and provide its users with the opportunity to make money as they exercise. Whether or not a member has a specific health body type, the Runfy team insists that they are there to help, as health is the organization’s top priority.

Polygon (MATIC) is Here to Checkmate Ethereum’s Scalability issues

The Polygon Network, powered by the Polygon (MATIC) token, is a protocol and framework for constructing and interconnecting blockchain networks compatible with Ethereum. Polygon was developed as a Layer-2 solution to address Ethereum’s scalability and functionality issues. The protocol’s goal is to make Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper by utilizing sidechains, which are blockchains that operate in parallel with the main Ethereum chain, much like high-speed HOV lanes.

Polygon (MATIC) allows users to bridge their crypto holdings to Polygon (through the official Polygon Bridge), allowing them to use many popular crypto apps that were previously only available on the main Ethereum blockchain. Tokens mined on the Ethereum main chain can be deposited into a Polygon smart contract, used within Polygon, and withdrawn. The Polygon (MATIC) token can be used to take part in the proof-of-stake consensus and to pay for purchases.

Avalanche (AVAX): The Futuristic Red Coin

The 2020 release of Avalanche was designed to be fast, adaptable, secure, affordable, and simple to use. Anyone interested in using the Avalanche platform is free to access and modify its source code. Avalanche (AVAX), known as the “red coin” by its owners, is the platform’s native token. There will never be more than 720 million AVAX issued.

Avalanche performs three applications on its network. As a first step, users must have the Avalanche (AVAX) token to cover network transaction costs. Staking is the second use of Avalanche (AVAX). In this scenario, AVAX has promised to help validate transactions and bolster the safety of the blockchain. Avalanche’s final implementation is more involved and, therefore, less likely to catch the interest of average consumers. The size of this subnet is the gold standard by which all other Avalanche subnets are measured. Validators organize themselves into a small network (subnet) to obtain a consensus.

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