Sunday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Byron Jones, Tua, Baker, and More |

Part 3 of the Super Wild-Card Weekend SI Fan All Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Thomas Hudson (via email):

I’m going to go with a offseason question or two. I hope the Dolphins beat the Bills, but I just don’t see it happening without a healthy Tua/Armstead combination. And I don’t think either will be healthy for the game, even if they try to play. So, two questions based on other comments I keep seeing: 1 – People keep wanting to replace Tua. But, football questions aside, how feasible is that from a financial perspective? Isn’t the fourth year of his rookie contract guaranteed? So they would be paying him anyway? Could they even afford to pay this mystical unicorn of a veteran who will be better than Tua? 2 – When I look at the money on the defense, the two who stand out to me are Byron Jones and Jerome Baker. Not saying either is a bad player, they just seem the most expendable. Would the team actually get any cap relief from releasing either of them?

Hey Thomas, Tua’s contract has a 2023 cap hit of $9.63 million and all of it is guaranteed. The Dolphins could save $14.1 million against the cap by making Jones a post-June 1 cut (understanding the cap savings don’t come into effect until that date) and they could save $8.7 million with Baker under the same scenario. I’m not sure we should expect anything to happen with Baker in the offseason, though at this point it probably would be a surprise if Jones ended up still on the roster next season.

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