How Bitgert Weathered 2022 Turbulence to Be the Most Rewarding Coins This Year |


This year has been quite bearish for the stock market, and the cryptocurrency market is among the most hit. The global crypto marketcap had declined by almost 70% from the ATH as of writing, which means investors had made massive losses from November last year when the market started dipping from the ATH.

Bitgert is one of the coins that have posted an upsurge during this bearish year and is also forecasted to do very well before the end of 2022. Bitgert has managed to withstand this year’s bear market conditions to be among the few crypto assets still in the green for the gains made this year.

This is at a time that almost all the top 100 coins by market capitalization are in the red. In fact, Bitgert is posting a 25% increase in 2022 as of writing, which is one of the biggest price growths in the market this year. So how has Bitgert managed to grow in a bearish market that plummeted big players by an average of 60%? Here are 4 main reasons:

Bitgert Hype

One of the reasons Bitgert (BRISE) has managed to post an increase in 2022 is an exponential hype growth that has attracted a lot of investors. The Bitgert coin has been one of the most talked about crypto coins this year, where even on Google trends, it has been outperforming even some of the big players in the market. So, the hype has brought a lot of new investors.

Fast-Ecosystem Growth

The fast-growing ecosystem is another reason why Bitgert has done pretty well in the market this year. In fact, the ecosystem growth rate has been the reason why a lot of investors have been joining the coin. Important to note is that the huge number of products and projects in this Brise ecosystem has brought a lot of new investors.

Bitgert Gasless Chain

The other factor that has enabled Bitgert to weather the 2022 turbulence is the gasless BRC20 blockchain. The adoption of this blockchain has made Bitgert more stable in the market as the demand for the coin has been growing bigger. Bitgert gasless blockchain is also one of the reasons this coin will do well next year.

Roadmap V2 delivery

 There is no doubt that the delivery of the roadmap V2 has greatly grown the market value of $BRISE. The massive number of products, projects, and partnerships joining the Brise ecosystem is why Bitgert maintained a bullish price performance this year.

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