NFTs, Transparency & Regulation: 3 Trends That Will Affect the Crypto Industry in 2023 |

Will 2023 Be The Year Of Crypto? After last year’s turmoil, what will be the trends affecting the market this year?

One trend is the push for transparency. Cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses will make their practices more public and transparent so that the public can gain confidence in the industry.

Some major players (Binance, Coinbase and others) have started publishing their proof of stores. If nothing else, 2022 has shown that it is essential.

as inflation Has sustained To put it simply, investors will have more disposable income. If they choose to invest it in crypto, one could see the crypto winter slowly melting away. In fact, at the time of writing, the crypto market capitalization was just short of the $1 trillion mark, and bitcoin surged past the $21,000 mark.

NFTs likely to see corporate adoptionfrom

Last year, the focus was on Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs. But they have brought a flood of competition that has led to severe over-saturation. This, coupled with a drop in trading volumes on the NFT marketplace, has created a sense of doldrums in the NFT space.

Only elite blue-chip collections, such as Cryptopunks, have managed to maintain their ETH minimum value. In general, with the fall in crypto prices, the dollar has also bottomed out. Nonetheless, instead of focusing on collectibles and art, the incredible usefulness of more general NFTs should be pointed out.

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“Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling and trading more efficient while reducing the potential for fraud. Examples include Starbucks’ NFT loyalty program, Adidas associating NFTs with physical items, the New York Knicks offering NFTs to ticket holders, and Reddit’s Avatar NFTs. This trend of corporate adoption of NFTs is expected to increase till 2023. Also, with the proliferation of layer-2 solutions like Polygon, corporate adoption of NFTs is set to increase.

Reddit’s Avatar NFTs

max krupyshev coin pay Here are three trends that will impact 2023 in the crypto industry. Among these are proof-of-store and transparency of crypto companies, the growing need for crypto tokens of securities, regulation, and new applications for NFT technology.

2023 will be a lot about transparency for crypto companies, he says. First, any centralized platform has to prove they know what they’re doing by showing up to fund it.

“Businesses will have to prove they are legitimate, and we may see some promising consortiums of companies playing by the rules. There may also appear an independent group of people who will enforce some non-official rules for companies,” They said.

The second trend is regulation. It is now becoming a big topic everywhere, starting with the development of Europe. This may be good for existing companies, but it may make things difficult for new startups as it is proper financial regulation. “Basically, for any new startup that is entering centralized space, this will be something that they will have to adhere to before they are able to provide any service to the public or to businesses,” Krupyshev said.

New era for NFT

Finally, the next crypto spring may be dedicated to securities tokenization. “People will use their Web3 wallets for physical things. This is what we have achieved with stable coins, because in a sense, they are already tokenized securities,” Krupyshev said.

The question is how they will be regulated or audited. “That could be the next big wave – that you own tokens of these goods. There could be a place for NFTs as well, but with a little modification.”

“For most people, NFTs are just art now. I don’t think this is the best use of NFT technology. When we are able to own land, a house, a car, or just a piece of real estate, it Will give people an understanding of the real use of these blockchain things. Many people are skeptical about crypto and blockchain because they don’t see what it brings to the world and what problems we are solving.

Everyone from luxury brands to sports are riding the NFT bandwagon despite last year’s woes. Nonetheless, such adoption could boost the potential and utility aspect of non-fungible tokens.


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