Say Hello to the First Year of Water Rabbit in This Century: What Each Animal Sign Can Expect in 2023 |

What Does It Mean for Your Zodiac Sign? 

Here’s how the Chinese New Year will treat you as per your zodiac sign – 

The new year will prove to be lucky for you. With salary hikes, appreciation, and promotions, you will certainly enjoy your professional life. Business owners and entrepreneurs will be equally successful. Partnerships will work out. 

Both your personal and professional relationships will be stable this year. The sun is shining on the singles. Couples are likely to tie the knot. Disloyalty can strain your married life. Hence, steer clear of it. 

Too grateful for your healthy relationships and work, you will neglect health care. It is recommended to take care of your diet. Be sure to stay warm and hydrate yourself.

Your career growth will appear stagnant, which will impact your finances. Hence, limiting your expenses is mandatory. At the workplace, things will be far from smooth. Heavy workload and blazing competition will test your patience. 

Finding a partner will be a struggle for singles. Couples should make more time for their partner to keep the relationship going. Some good times with friends and family are guaranteed. 

Protect your peace and well-being at all costs. To remain healthy, find an outlet for your emotions instead of keeping them trapped. Talking to a loved one, yoga, and meditation will help. 


The year is going to be a rollercoaster for the people born in the year of the Tiger. While, in some months, you will see unimaginable success, in other months, you will feel trapped. Make sure you are saving every month and spending with a plan. 

Fortunately, you will get solace in your relationships. The mantra is the same for all the singles, committed and married – good communication. It will help singles find their dream partner and the couples make a loving place for themselves. 

On the flip side, you will not be in your best health. Indigestion will trouble you. Plus, it’s better to avoid dangerous sports this year. 

Bombarded with new responsibilities at work, you will be able to handle them all and make a name for yourself. Expansion plans of business owners will flourish, given solid planning. Freelancers, learn to delegate and avoid micromanaging. 

All of your relationships will require one thing urgently this year – efforts. Singles, make an effort to approach first. Couples, put an effort to cater to your partner’s feelings and requirements. 

Relaxing should be your priority this year – as long as it’s not interfering with your working hours. A good work-life balance, sound therapy, yoga, and 10 minutes of doing nothing every day, along with a nutritive diet, will be your saviors. 

The people born under the year of the dragon must remain in control of their interactions this year. It will help you be in the good books of your higher-ups and receive worthy opportunities. The same goes for business owners, who will also benefit from partnerships. Stay wary of fraudsters. 

Your lively and unproblematic behavior will help you gel with other singles and make successful friendships. Couples should pay proper attention to intimacy. 

Eating nutrition-rich foods, exercising, and being mindful of the kind of content you consume will help you stay physically and mentally stable. If you are waiting to adopt a new healthy habit, this is the best time to begin. 

Both working professionals and business owners will receive several opportunities. It’s vital to analyze what works for your long-term career plan and go for it. Those wanting to invest can begin with small amounts. 

Family and friends can play a huge role in your betterment this year. Thus, it’s better to start working on your networking skills. Or, singles can lose their dream partner, and the happy abodes of couples can fall apart. 

Indigestion, lung issues, and skin allergies are likely to make the year difficult for you. Seek professional medical help as soon as you experience the slightest of symptoms. Proper rest is mandatory before and after trips. 

With wealth luck sticking by your side, it’s time to welcome a highly fulfilling financial year. Be careful while making business decisions. You will come across some great sponsors. Moving ahead with a budget will further augment your status. 

Your self-assured aura will attract positive relationships this year. Singles will find their love if they are ready for it. Couples will either get married or plan to conceive. 

With all the amazing things going on in your life, don’t forget to rest and recharge. Fuel your body with good sleep and proper nutrients. Try to keep your weekends free of work responsibilities.

To excel in your career, be mindful of your choice of words, cautious of your business partner’s or client’s intentions, and rely on an able concentration span. By doing these, 2023 will treat you well. 

In your search for a partner, focus on actions and not on words. Switched properties and miscommunication can affect your committed relationship. It will not be the same. Being more vocal about the difference can mend things.  

Skipping lunch, being awake late hours, and too much screen time will weaken your body. Therefore, avoid them. Spend some time laughing with your family and basking in the goodness of nature. 

Stability in your business or job will come with a flip side. For some reason, it will bore you out and propel you to try new opportunities. Secure a better position before giving up the current one. In terms of speculative investments, avoid huge amounts. 

It’s time to improve your communication skills. Be more thoughtful before, and don’t just blurt out hurtful comments. Desperation in seeking relationships will backfire. Surprise your partner with time and effort. 

Give up addictions and unhelpful health habits. Don’t neglect even the slightest of health symptoms and seek medical help. Rest and rejuvenate post travels. 

Luck will not favor your income and career growth this year. You need to rely on hard work and consistency instead. Indulging in extravagant expenses is not advised. Spend on a monthly budget and save each month. 

Thankfully, your relationships will be on a steady track. Singles are likely to get romantically involved with a close buddy. Yet, people who are single and in relationships are advised to think long-term and dodge what’s not helping. 

Stomach issues may be a cause of concern for you in 2023. Follow a healthy diet and think positively to improve the situation. The adverse effects of overthinking will negatively influence your physical and mental health. 

Manifesting substantial opportunities and goals will be a possibility. Your plans will work, and you will achieve desirable results. Business owners will reach their target audience and expand their boundaries. Well-researched investments will pay back huge returns. 

With luck by your side, the possibility of meeting your life partner is exceptionally high this year. Give your spouse what they have been yearning for (in terms of emotions and efforts), and you will find harmony. Finally, unmarried couples will try out wedding card designs. 

Despite the busy schedule and happening social life, schedule at least 20-30 minutes daily for workouts. Stay cautious while driving. 

Investments will invite losses. The workplace environment will not be favorable. You will search for better opportunities, but the chances of finding one are bleak. With patience, hope and determination, you will be able to climb this mountain as well. 

Singles, finding a suitable partner seems doubtful this new year. Irrespective of this, hanging out with friends and meeting new people will be comforting. Stormy bits await those in a relationship.  

Anger and frustration will reflect on both your physical and mental health. Learning and implementing relaxation techniques and practicing meditation and breathing exercises will ease your stress. 

DIY Good Luck Tips in the year of Water Rabbit 

As per principles of I Ching Numerology & Zero Numerology, what we do at the beginning of the new year has an impact on our actions and luck support during the year 

1. Communicate your emotions and love to your friends and family first thing in the morning. 

2. Donate Red with a Golden pocket to friends and family, especially your elders. 

3. Place a brass Wulou in the north direction of your house to attract health and abundance in life. 

4. Place an idol of Lord Krishna and Radha made up of Pink Quartz in the West direction of your house to attract love and prosperity in life. 

5. Place a silver piggy bank in the southwest direction of your house and put one coin in it every month (on the new moon) to attract positive luck in life

Give your life new wings with these simple DIY tips on the new year of water rabbit.

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