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Security: Choose a digital wallet which has a double layer of password protection, regular security audits, strong security backup and unlocking features. The main feature of digital wallet is to protect your coins from any sort of theft, or online attacks while maintaining the highest level of security.

Access to your private keys: Choose a wallet which provides you the access to the private keys for your Bitcoin. If you do not have the private keys which means you literally have no control over your Bitcoin. Further, when you have the access to your private keys, which also means that you are interacting directly with the Bitcoin blockchain with no involvement of any middleman.

Back up features: Choose a Bitcoin wallet which has private key management features which are also known as backup features. Generally, the reputed wallets offer cloud backup for your private keys which makes the whole process much easier. It allows all your private keys to be saved in the cloud, and thus, whenever you create a new digital wallet, the new private keys get automatically backed up to the cloud.

Multi Signature Wallets: Always look for the “multisig” option, which requires more than one person to approve the transactions and thus adding an extra layer of protection. For instance, in “3 of 6 multisig wallets” will have six participants which will require at least three of them to approve any transactions. Any of these six added participants can suggest a transaction, but at least three must ‘sign’ or approve it.

Fee Customization: This is a very important feature, while you are choosing the Bitcoin wallet. The best wallets are those which allow the user to customize the fees which they are required to pay to Bitcoin public blockchain or miners. Many web wallets have the predetermined fee structure which becomes a revenue-generation strategy for cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose those wallets which allow you to customize the fee you attach to your Bitcoin transactions.

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