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Are you always on the lookout for more effective ways to stay on top of the crypto market? Then look no further because this year’s leading crypto intelligence and analytics platform, Dash 2 Trade, has just completed its listing process and is live now on major crypto exchanges like Gate.io (where a trading competition is going on), LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap.

Many investors are captivated by the cutting-edge crypto trading and analytics tools that this platform offers, which are designed to help you become a more proficient trader regardless of your experience level.

Best of all, even though it’s on top-tier exchanges, it’s still very cheap compared to others. If you weren’t able to buy these tokens during the holidays, now’s your chance. Don’t miss out; grab these tokens now.

Dash 2 Trade Has Great Tools At Your Fingertips

Dash 2 Trade is a robust cryptocurrency analytics and social trading platform which makes it easier for you to make smarter trading decisions. The platform has tons of AI-powered tools and features, like social metrics data, on-chain indicators, trading signals, presale insights and risk profiler, a strategy back-testing tool, and whale alerts.

Dash 2 Trade is building an industry-first platform empowering traders with rich and valuable information using artificial intelligence, community, and professional expertise. Let’s explore some of its most groundbreaking features.

●    AI Assistance: Dash 2 Trade analyzes the market and its trends with state-of-the-art algorithms. With this data, you can easily track token behavior or invest when it’s right.

●    Social Metrics Data: The most impressive feature of this platform is its social metrics tool, which shows you what coins are trending on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit. In this way, you can make confident investment decisions ahead of time when you know how things are going.

●    Strategy Builder and Back-testing: These tools help you build winning strategies for live markets. You, as a trader, can easily determine your strategy’s potential success by studying order activity, volume, and volatility from leading exchanges. In case the review reveals changes that need to be made, they can be quickly made and tested again.

●    On-Chain Indicators: Dash 2 Trade grants you unlimited access to on-chain analytics and professional grade indicators, so you’ll know what to buy at any given moment based on sentiment in the market, how volume changes, and how price moves near real-time.

●    Risk Profiler: Successful trading goes beyond watching the market. Using Dash 2 Trade, traders can better understand their risk profiles, allowing them to trade more prudently. By using this platform, they’ll be able to better understand investing psychology, including their own investing behavior – allowing them to make better decisions and avoid emotional pitfalls.

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Dash 2 Trade’s Beta Dashboard Is Already Trending

To test the public’s reaction to the project, Dash 2 Trade launched a beta version of their trading dashboard last week. This shows the team’s dedication and shows the project has serious intentions.

Dash 2 Trade offers you comprehensive analytics as well as in-depth data and a scoring system to rank all presale projects (the Dash Score), the only one of its kind in the industry.

Based on the community response, Dash 2 Trade’s dashboard seems to be a hit. The full version will be launched soon based on this success.

Dash 2 Trade’s Amazing Tier System

Dash 2 Trade comes in a three-tier subscription model with a Free or Freemium model, a Starter, and a Professional model if you’re a serious crypto enthusiast.

In the free subscription model, you can access industry and social metrics. With a Starter subscription, you’ll get access to VIP Discord channels, automated trading tools, watchlist items, and presale launches. 

And lastly, the Premium model comes with all the stuff in the Starter model, plus whale alerts.

A Successful Over-funding Round Boosted Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade raised a staggering $13.4 million during its multistage presale. Last week, they announced beta versions of the dashboard, which made crypto enthusiasts go crazy. It was pretty close to achieving its presale goal, but the overwhelming response from the beta announcement turned it into an over-funding round that lasted four days.

Now the overfunding round is over with a bang; D2T tokens are now listed on a top-class exchange Gate.io, which Coinmarketcap places in the top 10 exchanges. Additionally, D2T is also listed on Changelly Pro, LBank, BitMart, and Uniswap.

In the following months, the D2T token is likely to experience a surge in value as the platform takes off. At the moment, everyone’s attention is on Dash 2 Trade, and you can tell that the excitement is real.

Dash 2 Trade’s Trading Competition Offers $12,000

Dash 2 Trade is holding a competition for $12,000 on Gate.io. The competition is divided into three categories or activities, like inviting friends to sign up for an account and getting $10 or trading $10,000 in D2T to win $5,000, with $800 going to the top trader.


There are a lot of tools on the Dash 2 Trade platform that makes it easy to start trading without taking on too much risk. With these actionable features, you’ll be able to take calculated risks after testing your strategies a lot.

Dash 2 Trade tokens are expected to continue to gain value as more exchanges list the token in the near future, so this is a perfect time to acquire some at a historically low price before the price increases.

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