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While the bear market continues to drag on, experienced investors know that now is the perfect time to assess projects and try to determine which is the best crypto to invest in right now. In fact, investing in the bear market, while the hype is much lower, has been shown to deliver the highest gains, especially when investors buy tokens early. 

Although forecasts predict that the bull run is unlikely to return until 2024, many analysts are reporting that 2023 is likely to deliver some incredible gains across several projects that have demonstrated how well they will meet their use cases in 2023. 

With that in mind, here are some of the projects that look set to make big returns in 2023, making them ones to consider when looking for the best crypto to invest in right now:

1.    Metacade (MCADE)

2.    Internet Computer (ICP)

3.    ApeCoin (APE)

4.    Ethereum (ETH)

5.    Enjin Coin (ENJ)

6.    Quant Network (QNT)

7.    The Graph (GRT)

This article will explore why these projects may post impressive gains in 2023.

1. Metacade (MCADE) – Set to disrupt a $200 billion market

Metacade is an incredible new project that is taking on the establishing and growing world of gaming with its innovative new ecosystem. The jewel in the crown of the project is, without a doubt, the play-to-earn (P2E) arcade being created, which is destined to be the largest online arcade ever built.

The P2E arcade will allow gamers to set up a passive income stream for playing the games they love the most with their friends and with the passionate Metacade gaming community. They can also earn rewards across other areas of the platform, like participating in competitive gaming ladders and tournament play. 

One of the strengths of the Metacade project is the holistic approach taken to incentivizing users to benefit from the platform. Community members can earn income by playing games and contributing to the ecosystem in other ways, like sharing alpha, writing game reviews, or just interacting with the community. This gives Metacade members a vested interest in the platform being the best community hub available for gamers, which is likely to result in significant momentum building when it comes to user growth.

The ecosystem is supported by a token called MCADE, which is critical to the platform’s functioning. As well as being used for almost all of the comprehensive rewards systems, the token is also the currency of the platform, meaning that it is required for any value exchange users wish to make, such as buying merchandise or entering tournaments. 

The MCADE token can also be staked, providing investors with another opportunity to earn income by lending their tokens temporarily to the project, with staking rewards paid in stablecoins to avoid increasing the circulating supply. This is just one of the many ways that the project has ensured that holding MCADE is very appealing to investors. 

One feature which has attracted a lot of attention for its ingenuity, with many going so far as to suggest it as a big driver of the success of the presale to date, is Metagrants. The Metagrants program allows skilled game developer studios and teams to pitch their ideas to the Metacade community, with MCADE holders then voting to decide which projects deserve funding. This means that the community is heavily involved in shaping the project’s future direction and illustrates how much Metacade wants to empower gamers on the site.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the project’s presale is seeing so much action. Savvy investors are backing this project early following the well-received release of Metacade’s whitepaper. They are securing their MCADE at prices only available during the presale. Many consider Metacade to be the best crypto to invest in right now.

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2. Internet Computer (ICP) – Taking on Cloud Computing as we know it

The Internet Computer project is led by the DFINITY Foundation and is a blockchain network designed to enable decentralized computing at scale. The project aims to build a new type of public web infrastructure, known as a Web 3.0 computer, that can eat into the market share of established cloud computing companies like Amazon and Microsoft by providing a more secure and cost-effective alternative.

The ICP token is used heavily throughout the project and is staked for long periods of time in neurons, which act as grouped accounts. After a set period of time (often in years), the neurons dissolve and release the original tokens as well as the rewards earned, which can be significant.

While the ICP token plummeted after release as early seed investors sold at high prices while the project was being hyped up, the project has continued to show steady progress in its development. This means that if the price has bottomed and is now driven by the protocol’s utility, we might see the start of a significant rise in token price throughout 2023.

3. ApeCoin (APE) – The Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem

The ApeCoin project is most well known for having been adopted as the network of choice by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) project. The project began in March 2022 and has become a decentralized ecosystem focused on its network of creative initiatives, heavily utilizing NFTs to meet community use cases.

The APE token is used by the project to enable the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) known as Ape DAO to function through the governance rights that the token provides. This means that ApeCoin holders can vote on issues affecting the community and help shape the project’s strategy by holding the APE token and gaining access to the ecosystem itself.

ApeCoin is a project which is pushing the boundaries of what DAO structures are able to achieve. With the backing of the BAYC NFT project, it’s got every chance of being able to see adoption increase if it can show a real benefit of its decentralized structure.

4. Ethereum (ETH) – Leading the way for layer-1 protocols

Ethereum is by far the most popular layer-1 protocol and is continuing to dominate despite a wide range of other projects trying to get in on the action.

Having recently completed a major upgrade known as The Merge, Ethereum shows no signs of being displaced at the top any time soon as a market leader, and if it is able to dodge the SEC and be classified as a commodity instead of a security, it will undoubtedly have a bright future and could see a price surge as early as 2023.

5. Enjin (ENJ) – NFTs for all

Enjin is a project that uses Web3 technology to make NFTs available to many different use cases with ease. This can be for virtual goods, including digital assets such as in-game items, skins, and collectibles, as well as many other use cases.

The platform also features a marketplace where users can trade their digital assets for Enjin Coin (ENJ) and other cryptocurrencies, and so is a project that benefits a great deal from network effects as it secures more customers.

While gaming is the biggest focus for Enjin, it is also trying to build momentum across other industries, and if it is able to do so, it will likely see the demand for the ENJ token increase significantly.

6. Quant Network (QNT) – Interoperability for TradFi to enter Web3

Quant Network is focused on large enterprise customers as they look to provide their blockchain interoperability solutions to the enterprise and TradFi worlds. 

As a result of the type of customers that Quant Network is working with, information about the project is very limited, meaning the dedicated community is often left to speculate as to the progress being made and is not put off declaring the token the best crypto to invest in right now.

That said, with Quant Network has been heavily involved in projects like building the digital LATAM Dollar with LACCHAIN, and so should more large use cases come online in 2023, the utility of the QNT token is likely to generate significant price rises over a very short period of time.

7. The Graph (GRT) – A blockchain search engine

The Graph has identified a growing need for different projects and businesses to be able to access data from the blockchain quickly and easily without having to run large nodes themselves.

There are many different roles within the GRT ecosystem that are responsible for different actions, and as the total amount of data stored on the blockchain will only grow over time, the use cases for GRT are likely to continue to expand.

The project uses the GRT token heavily across the functionality, so if more use cases go online and require access to more and more data, the GRT token can be expected to increase in price as time goes on.

Metacade is clearly a compelling investment for 2023

With its huge potential in a GameFi market that’s set to explode , Metacade looks like it will see some incredible progress over the course of 2023 and beyond. It’s so rare to have access to a presale of such a high-potential project and acquire a utility token like MCADE at rock-bottom prices.

With the presale already raising a staggering $3.3 million in 9 short weeks, it’s clear that many see Metacade as the best crypto to invest in right now, so the presale is likely to sell out quickly.

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